Henkel Loctite Ablestik White, formerly Emerson and Cuming ECCOBOND, is a two component, room temperature curing, epoxy adhesive that is used for. Eccobond is a two-component, room temperature curing, epoxy adhesive that is used for bonding plastics, metal, piping and other maintenance applications. The Henkel is a Series epoxy resin. The Henkel Specifications: Series: Product Type: Epoxy Resin Color: White Primary Color.

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What is a Coating? Sodium Eccobojd Product Number: Certain resins and hardeners are prone to crystallization. Wear safety glasses with side shields.

Avoid direct contact with skin or eyes.

Chemical Product and Company Identification. Remove grossly contaminated clothing, including shoes, and launder before reuse. Storage in cool, clean and dry areas is recommended. Unlikely to be hazardous by inhalation because of the low vapor pressure of the material at ambient temperature.

Wash before eating, drinking, or using washroom facilities. No ingredients No components need to be disclosed according to applicable regulations. This information is only a brief summary of the available safety and health data. Usable shelf life may vary depending on method of application and storage conditions. For optimum performance, follow the initial cure with a post cure of hours at the highest expected use temperature.

  140M C2E B63 PDF

The vapor and the liquid may cause burning, intense irritation and excessive watering of the eye.

PC – 7, part A Chemical Formula:. Certain individuals may also develop an allergic reaction after exposure skin contact, inhalation of vapors, etc. No ingredients are hazardous according to OSHA criteria.


All spilled material, absorbed waste and wash water must be disposed of in accordance with all Federal state and local regulations. Find Similar Products By Category. Immediately flush with large amounts of water; use soap if available. Accurately weigh resin and hardener into a clean container in the recommended ratio. Green Tea Powder More information.

Handling this product may also generate vapors irritating to the respiratory system. Page 1 of 6. All Purpose Cleaner Restrictions on use: UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY black gluewhite glue, EMI conductive glue, silicon, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, paste, thermal grease, welding control paste, transparent paint, screw fixative Alternate cure schedules may also be possible.

Absorb as much of spilled material as possible with rags, sand, vermiculite or eccobonf absorbent material. How do you ship the products?


Not applicable Recommended use: The values contained herein are considered typical properties only and are not intended to be used as specification limits. Machine Warewashing Detergent Restrictions on use: Safety Data Sheet 1.

Ellsworth Adhesives Singapore

Dongguan Yuanyao Electronics Technology Co. Campbells Fertilisers Australasia Address: If symptoms develop, obtain medical attention. Porsche AG Porsche Str. If you have not undertaken the necessary investigations to ensure compliance you are advised NOT TO USE this product in the manufacture of any device which is to be implanted in the human body. For customer convenience, Lexmark provides More information. Self-contained breathing apparatus in emergency and non-routine situations.

People who viewed this also viewed. Hartford, CT Telephone: Nitrile rubber or Viton gloves are recommended. May cause severe burns which could lead to permanent damage or total loss of vision.

Eccobond 286 A/B Technical Data Sheet

Avoid high mixing speeds which could entrap excessive amounts of air or cause overheating of the mixture resulting in reduced working life. You Might Also Like. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use Manufacturer: