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The novel is known for its high-level historical accuracy of the life and culture of the period depicted.


There were so many interesting characters in the book you didn’t get to know very well. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Tytti This is the whole book.

That Akhenaton was a fool or a genius? Too often, he also works as a deus-ex-machina plot device. It just didn’t hold together, merely meandered all over the Near East egipteanuk Mediterranean without actually going anywhere. It took him 30 years to find some Arabic copies, from Beirut.

Even Sinuhe is convinced that things will never change, and still they do Retrieved 10 April Sinuhe is horrified by this and fears that he will not see Minea again. The portrayal of Atenism walhari, as a doctrine advocating peace and equality, can be seen as an allegory of the attempted rise of an early form of Christianity.

Mika Waltari es un buen escritor, eso nadie lo duda. The character of Sinuhe makes no appearance in this play.


Cha This book requires some effort to read. Waltari praised the result. Its word order, language, closely resembles the language of Egypt, and it would be a crime to translate it with less care than what it has been written with.

Retrieved 11 November Retrieved 7 May Later he enrolled in the University of Helsinki as a theology student, according to his mother’s wishes, but soon abandoned theology in favour of philosophy, aesthetics and literature, graduating in During my life I have seen, known, and lost too much to be the prey of vain dread; and, as for the hope of immortality, I am as weary of that as I am of gods and kings.


Sinuhe fights for the sake of Aten and Pharaoh to the end, but ultimately the side of Amon priesthood is victorious. Works by Mika Waltari. In these novels, he gave powerful expression to his fundamental pessimism and also, in two novels set in the Roman Empire, to his Christian conviction. Waltari was born in Helsinki and lost his father, a Lutheran pastor, at the age of five.

Historical novelbildungsromanpicaresque novel. He was married in and had a daughter, Satu, who also became a writer.

At the same time, he kept writing books in many genres, moving easily from one literary field to another. In Dr Richard Parkinson, the director and the curator of the Egyptian department of the British Museum, called it a “serious intellectual achievement” and that it “depicts a culture egiptteanul real human beings in a way achieved by ehipteanul other novels”.

His tone expresses cynicism, bitterness and disappointment, and he says he’s writing down his story for therapeutic reasons alone and for something to do in the rugged and desolate desert landscape. However, the conflicts between Amon and Aten continue, and it all develops into a civil war.

Aten’s kingdom on Earth begins to fall, and the courtiers, one after another, abandon Akhenaten and Akhetaten in favor of Amon and Thebes. One day he is summoned to the sick king Burraburiashwhom he waltarl to cure.

The Egyptian – Wikipedia

As an assistant to a royal doctor who knows his adoptive father, Sinuhe is allowed, during a trepanation on the dying Amenhotep IIIto visit the court and the young crown prince Akhenaten for the first time. I’ve read a german edition because I liked the movie with Jean Simmons in it. Views Read Edit View history. While Sinuhe suffers from time to time, in general it seemed to me that things came too easy to him.


It was first published in Finnish inand in an abridged English translation by Naomi Walford infrom Swedish rather than Finnish. Sinuhe is dependent on Kaptah’s street-smartness and life experience, and they are inseparable to such an extent that in Kaptah’s absence Sinuhe is forced to imagine his voice.

This lack of errors was also confirmed by the egyptological congress of Cairo, and egyptologist Rostislav Holthoer also has since then noted that later research has confirmed some of Waltari’s speculations. Shortly afterwards, the opposite of this idea is denied: Osa I ei spoilereita 12 26 Aug 10, I write neither from fear nor from any hope of the future but for myself alone.

Sinuhe, in company of Kaptah, travels first to Babylon where he engages in science and socializes with the city’s scholars. The problem with this template is that the character can easily become too passive, since the author has to be careful to not be too counter-factual. Soon after its release in the USAit was selected book of the month in Septemberand then entered the bestseller lists in Octoberwhere it remained the unparalleled two years – copies were sold in that time.

Retrieved 17 April In the end I fail to understand what is really the message, that people were not ready for Aton God? Sinuhe recounts, in his old age at his location of forced exile by the Red Sea coast, the events of his life.