The Debate. [See also pp. , “Meeting Prejudice and Opposition.”] God Is Seldom Glorified—In some cases, it may be necessary to meet a proud boaster. in the larger free Online Books collection on the Ellen G. White. Estate Web site. Evangelism, the very heart of Christianity, is the theme of pri- mary importance . Some Key Thoughts from Ellen White on City Evangelism. The Urgent Need of Sharing the Gospel Message. When I think of the cities in which so little has been .

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Arrangements should be made to hold meetings in connection with our restaurants. He is weighed down by the burden he feels for souls. The angels of God are waiting veangelism us to give our labors for their inhabitants.

The commandment of God that has been almost universally made void, is the evangeoism truth for this time. John could not express that love in words; it was too deep, too broad; he calls upon the human family to behold it. There is means now tied up that should be in use for the unworked cities in Europe, Australia, and America, and in the regions beyond.

Apply Truth to Heart.

Ellen G. White Estate: City Evangelism

They should win the confidence of the people, so that those who listen to the preaching may know that the ministers have not come wvangelism some cunningly devised fable, but that their words are words of worth, a testimony that demands thought and attention. The truth is to be explained in simplicity. In Christ’s teaching there is no long, far-fetched, complicated reasoning. Meetings to Witness Deep Movings of Spirit.

Evangelism : The Message and its Presentation : Page

While some minds are quick to catch an idea, others are slow to comprehend new and startling truths which involve great changes and present a cross at every step. Let the words spoken be for the edification of the hearers. evanngelism

Then the message for this time will be their burden. We hunger not for excitement, for the sensational; the less we have of this, the better. The dignity and glory of Christ is our strength. Let companies be organized to search for souls. He knew “how to speak a word in season to him that is weary”; for grace was poured upon His lips, that He might convey to men in the most attractive way the treasures of truth.


Let all etw their evangelizm and minds to become intelligent in regard to the work for this time, qualifying themselves to egd that for which they are best adapted. Let our ministers bear in mind that the strongest meat is not to be given to babes who know not the first principles of the truth as we believe it.

Oh, that we might see the needs of these cities as God sees them! They are blind and cannot see afar off. He did not force anyone to believe. Sermon Like the Offering of Cain. This is a help, and in harmony with the Word of God. And veangelism apostles were commanded to preach everywhere that evangeliam should repent.

The feelings and sympathies of the people were stirred, but their consciences were not convicted, their hearts were not broken and humbled before God. Opposers Must Sometimes Be Met —There are occasions where their glaring misrepresentations will have to be met. Some ministers think that it is not necessary to preach repentance and faith; they take it for granted evzngelism their hearers are acquainted with the gospel, and that The speaker who is controlled by the Spirit of God has a sacred dignity, and his words are a savor of life unto life.

There are great blessings in store for those who fully surrender to the call of God. God has a special work for the men of experience to do. Yet all are to look to Jesus for wisdom, not depending upon men alone for direction.

I will here quote a few words that have come under my notice just now: Give them time to digest the wonderful truths of the message you bear them. He will not try to evabgelism home God’s message of truth. Help them to understand what is truth; break the bread of life to them; call their attention to vital questions.

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They are surprised by the presentation of truth; it is as a new revelation to them, and they cannot bear to have all the truth, in its most striking character, presented to them at the outset. More Activity and Zeal.

The seed sowing is your work; the propagation of the seed is the Lord’s divine work. You would have had more sheaves to bring to the Master if you had constantly preached the Word. Toggle Navigation Ellen G. Surely the cities of the earth are becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. Egs so that the people can catch hold of big ideas and dig out the precious ore hid in the Scriptures. Those who desire to see this prayer answered, should seek to discourage the slightest tendency to division, and try to keep the spirit of unity and love among brethren.

Be careful that you do not rail once. They chose to listen to the voice of worldly wisdom, and turned away from the heartsearching message of truth.

, “Evangelism”

Evangelisj work in the large cities is to be done after Christ’s order, not after the order of a theatrical performance. The Lord God of heaven cannot approve much that is brought into the pulpit by those who are professedly speaking the word of the Lord. Nothing stands forth untainted by selfishness. Let not your words at any time be uncertain. Leave a Solemn Impression.

The merits of Jesus blot out transgressions, and clothe wgw with the robe of righteousness woven in the loom of heaven. He has large lifelike representations of the beasts and symbols in Daniel and the Revelation, and these are brought forward at the proper time to illustrate his remarks. Take your stand without controversy.