CD-ROM CATALOG VA. Links To Catalog ELASTIMOLD®. 5kVkV Distribution Products s SEPARABLE CONNECTORS s CABLE JOINTS. U.S. contractors and specifiers have made our web catalog their number one stop. . Elastimold® Separable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminators. Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories MV HV Catalogue Elastimold elbows, separable connectors, cable joints, terminations and cable accessories are.

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Window-Op is ideal for equipment applications which include viewing windows to provide an internal visible break that does not require catslog stick removal of the elbows. Components can be isolated with insulated caps, plugs and parking bushings. Includes X bi-metal contact. See the Ordering Example on page H for further information.

Two-Bushing Transformer To add surge protection to a two-bushing transformer at the end point of a radial-feed circuit, add an elbow arrester to the unoccupied bushing or utilize a bushing arrester.


Cam-Op connector kit includes: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Optional accessories allow system grounding, bypass and lightning surge protection.

This system is a primary selective open loop More information. Also available with ECS jacket seal included. Units have been designed and tested per IEEE Standard to assure system matched performance and ratings equal to the cable to which the splice will be installed.


Maximum installed diameter is approx. Available without the stud by adding N to the part number. Copper lug for copper cable only. Can be used as a repair joint.

Products are designed and constructed for all applications including padmount, subsurface, vault, indoor, outdoor, direct sunlight, direct buried and continuously submerged in water. These items must be ordered separately. Use with 16THG Terminators. Sections Included In This Standard: The Cam-Op elastmiold Link-Op connectors are unique, allowing all hotstick operations to be completed without moving the cable, an important consideration when large, stiff cables prohibit movement.

DO NOT use copper connectors on aluminum conductors. No secondary operations are catalogg during installation. The catalog incorporates information relative to product application, ratings and selection.

Typical applications include installing an arrester at the end of a radial system or at both ends of an open point on a loop system. Eladtimold insulated bushing included with Cam-Op and Link-Op connector kit.

Terminations are air insulated and classified as Livefront. Link-Op operating kit includes accessories that enable visible break, testing, isolation and elastiomld functions to be performed.

Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories

Insulated bus bar only. For an all-copper lug, replace W5X with W2X. Use 0X for rod contact for aluminum or copper conductors. Optional accessories allow system grounding, bypass and lightning surge elastimlod. Refer to the W and X tables on pages 32 and 33 for sizing to cable insulation diameter and conductor size. Units are designed and rated per IEEE 48 for riser pole, padmount, indoor and outdoor applications.

  ALI M6759 PDF

This enables the open point to be quickly and easily moved to any point in the circuit while maintaining the surge protection without moving all of the portable surge arresters. PCT and R2T terminators are furnished with rod connectors. If the cable conforms to AEIC standards with a, or mil wall thickness, use the table on page The Cam-Op connector is easily installed or removed by hotstick operation of the cam action disconnect lever.

Elbows bail elastijold are required but not included with the feed-thru insert. cattalog

Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories

Terminators allow connection and transition from shielded, underground cable to bare overhead conductors and live-front equipment. This can be done in several ways: Maximum installed diameter is approx. Required to disassemble Stick-Op loadbreak reducing tap plug from the threaded compression lug and Series elbow after the shear-pin is broken catakog assembly. Hot-stick operable and separable joint systems are shown on pages 14 thru Rated for 25kV thru 35kV applications.