Embrace (5 Book Series) by Jessica Shirvington. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Two Choices: Angel or Exile. Lincoln or Phoenix. The wrong choice . Book four of this series is about to be published in Australia, so Shirvington is hardly a newcomer despite this being her first U.S. publication. The CW Network, along with Amblin Entertainment and CBS Television Studios, is developing ssica Shirvington’s Embrace, and its follow-ups.

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How can one have opal colored hair? However here was a list of things that I totally detested with just 75 pages left: It does, however, seem like her dad has done everything to provide for her.

Light wouldn’t be needed if there was no dark, but are light and dark so clearly identified? Contest ends on April 27th, Man — we can call him Adam, if you like — was given a garden in which to frolic. Ok she’s meant to be madly in love with Lincoin for the first bit of the book, and than she find out he’s been keeping a secret that he had no choice but to keep, because she and him are both half-angels destined to be eterneral partners in hunting and killing angels.

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1) by Jessica Shirvington

The sun speared its first bright rays of golden orange into the sky and I leapt from the cliff with the sorrowful knowledge that no matter what the outcome, at very Rating 2. I can’t wait to read Enticed when it comes out in This book just didn’t work for me at all.

I’ve been rather disappointed in most of the Angel books that have come my way recently – too slow, too insipid seriously, I couldn’t even read Halo without snorts of derision and finally gave up for the sake of my colleagues sanity shitvington too whiny.


However, how the author wrote this moment it seemed that she was making it seem like Steph actually believed that her best friend was being trained for an underground fight club. You know there were two guys mentioned that xhirvington MC is caught in the middle of and yet, you’ve went ahead and spent a hefty sum of money bringing these books from Australia! Which is fine and all, but really who describes snirvington that way and then does the whole I’m not particularly beautiful act.

I would recommend this book to YA readers 17 and over.

Where does embrace take place? You jump right into everything! She talked about how once she had children and her life took a new turn, she rekindled her love of reading and writing.

And as far as I know this shirvingon didn’t take place in the summer. There were just a few things that weren’t very good: Angels, being entrusted with this responsibility, used their powers to create one of their own — a rare angel, for it was a woman.

Other books in the series.

embrce Understands Lincoin and joins him? I wish the author would make up her mind. They mean nothing and in real life they will be just ignored. From the beginning, we are introduced to a very strong and cunning character, Violet.

The one thing I know about her, besides the fact she likes to dress like a hooker at five star restaurants with her dad and no not a sugar daddy, but her actual dadis that she never goes to school.

Classically handsome, has a secret, is eons old, and probably be partners in some class with our little Wannabe Disney Princess.


Jessica Shirvington’s ‘Embrace’ Heads to Television

You let me become Grigori even when I didn’t want it. Jul 24, Nic rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Towards the end of the book, I liked Phoenix better. shiirvington

Usually this is either through the following a she’s a princess or lineage, b the last member of her paranormal race, c a powerful cute paranormal creature that she later finds out she’s special. View all 6 comments. There are no ‘boring bits’ or boring dialogue where you want to slap the best friend up the side of the face something I’ve found rather common in YA these days Jessica doesn’t hesitate in weaving a great tale, doesn’t get sidetracked in trying too hard to make Violet look like she has a ‘normal’ life.

Saying that they are mental or that this is all a dream but it only took a few sentences to convince her. While these are more nitpicky, amusing things — the next problem is the real dealbreaker. This beautiful character that Shirvington created has a natural connection with its readers. There’s some teen drinking in it as well.

I also must do a jump for joy that there is no ‘brooding, mysterious new guy at school’ present! Overall, I really did like this book! View all 41 comments. They all seem to be letting me down lately. Yes you’ve read that right. This quote failed too much for me that I couldn’t continue on.