Glimpse the afterlife through the most profound near-death experience ever recorded & Betty J. Eadie’s International & NYT #1 Bestseller Embraced By The. The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama XIV Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie Hello from Heaven by Bill Guggenheim The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Embraced by the Light is not just Betty Eadie’s story of dying during surgery and coming back to life; it is actually a journey into the meaning of this life.

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Not all people are lovable, but when we find someone difficult for us to love, it is often because they remind us of something within ourselves smbraced we don’t like.

We are all precious and carefully watched over. The apostle Paul implored us to do good works which will strengthen our eadiie, boost our confidence in our nearness to God, as well as improve our physical and spiritual health. Our thoughts have tremendous power. Just because we don’t understand or trust, or believe in a certain thing does not mean it fails to exist.

I read your book in Persian 3 eavie ago several times and gave it to many friends. Facing the end of your life is scary, and Embraced by the Light may offer peace in the belief that there really is something that comes after.

Embraced by the Light

My escorts explained that we covenanted with these spirits to come to earth as family or friends. Although I have not had an experience like this embracsd, and hope I never do I feel as though it is very familiar to me. Bless us to overcome our transgressions and eeadie self-centeredness with righteousness and bless our leadership, Heavenly Father, to exercise their influence in a way that will lift and foster your blessings and your will.


I do believe Betty Eadie had an experience, but I feel things got embellished and made stylish. She explains with uncanny detail the reasons why we have chosen to be on this earth at this time in history, and how all out actions are growing experiences for our immortal spirits. As we learn to abide by the rhe of this creation, we learn how to use those laws to our own good.

All getty this is evident as you see creation there, and particularly evident in the flowers. To view it, click here. When the subject of near-death experiences would come up in class, Charles would explain that there is no life beyond the grave, that everything ends there, that the body gradually changes to become nourishment for other forms of life.

My escorts, who continued to act as my guides, now told me that I had died prematurely and that this wasn’t really a graduation party, but a time to show me what I would receive when I returned at the right time.

Embrzced gently rocked me, cradling me in his arms, and although I didn’t know who he was, I never wanted to leave him. This biography begty a living person needs additional citations for verification.

After she died and came back to life, she felt, “I am not afraid to die anymore, because I kind of know a little more about it now. The strength of our own spirit can empower our thoughts when we search our heart for the divinity that God implanted within each of us when he created our spirit:.

She claims that each religion is necessary for each person, because of their different levels of spiritual enlightenment. Our bodies must die, but there is still the power within us, using faith and positive energy, to alter our cells so that we can be healed — if it is right. I realized that nobody was aware that I had died, and I felt an urgency to tell somebody.


Ms Eadie also looks at the various reasons of why a person would choose to incarnate, in lets say, a cripple body, or as a slave to a cruel master, or as a Siamese twin. In those few minutes that stretched into eternity, Betty’s life was changed forever. He may have a yearning inside, his soul searching for the love he knows, but he’s not been introduced to Jesus here on earth and he follows his family’s values and beliefs, as most do.

We have nothing like them.

We all experience adversity and opposition, it is how we learn and grow spiritually. Published March 6th by Onjinjinkta Publishing first published December This was more difficult to comprehend. Embrwced healing comes from within.

Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie | : Books

To date I have read this book 3 times, and by the Gods of heavy metal, I shall live to read it yet again. As I spent each day at home I began to feel sorry for myself, watching the neighborhood kids go to school in the mornings and come home in the afternoons.

Her son’s asthma turns out to be a blessing that saves this family from certain death. It may sound redundant and we all remember as children being told, “When you grow up, you’ll understand…” Even so, the truth is this: Flatland and Gulliver’s Travells both came to mind as I flew through it. Our auras, embracwd countenances, display the feelings and emotions of our souls.