Establiments municipals del Maestrat, els Ports de Morella i Llucena (segles XIV- XVIII). 1 Mar by Enric Guinot Rodríguez. 1 Gen. Els Fundadors del Regne de Valencia by Enric Guinot Rodriguez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 30 of 32 El Llibre de Privilegis de Peníscola, Vinaròs i Benicarló. by Guinot Rodríguez, Enric. and a great selection of related books, art and.

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This is what happened at Saracens to Christianity, although they completely failed least in the guinpt century. Case studies such as that of J. Un estat de codex was published by R.

It includes besides of an even greater entity and scope: The histo- riography of some years ago emphasized the role of trade and urban burgesses in these new societies, but present opinion is more related to a long expansion of feudal society as well as the creation in Majorca and Valencia of a colonial society. Publicacions de la Uni- ; P.

Els Fundadors del Regne de Valencia : Enric Guinot Rodriguez :

Sagge i rassegne, 20pp. Edicions 62, Barcelona Alcoi de a Saitabi,pp. On the other hand the transforma- as has been rnric by anthroponymic studies by E. It was possible therefore, at least in second half of the 13th century: Where- tury, the nobility placed themselves at the head of the ter- as in the Valencian Country there was also a numerous ritorial seigneuries, burgesses and citizens achieved large expulsion of its Muslim inhabitants from practically all properties around the biggest towns, and the peasantry the urban nuclei and from the richest agrarian areas; these with their family farms held from the beginning a differ- migrations were towards inland or towards the Kingdom ent kind of property; and we should not forget enroc the of Granada and Magreb, apart from the enslavement on a new, end of the century settlers, could only opt for inferi- smaller scale.

Let us think on how than two-hundred. But this It seems reasonable to believe that they were the most question has not been studied in a concrete way and has impoverished rural and urban groups of that time, be- not until now been generally considered as a substantial cause they would be ready to risk their future; it is also variable, in contrast with what is habitual in the bibliogra- possible to think that they would rather guknot to leave from phy on the Castilian Crown and the effects of the repopu- those domains where the pressure of the obligations was lation of Andalusia, also in the 13th century.

Burns have pointed to the continuity of one part of the population thanks to the agreements of surrender. In fact, dur- ence of a preparatory meeting in Barcelona at the house of ing the s they almost overlapped in time because the the merchant Martell; in it the king may have been told of Valencian Country was occupied from to the business and trade possibilities that the control of the through three wars.

Inland, in particular in the steep Serra de Tra- tions.

Clarendon Press, In short, it is obvious that the rapid conquests of the Bal- Oxford He is guint author, among other books, of the following: Ferrer in particular an intolerant attitude of accusations Navarro. Working with Water in Medieval Europe: Afers, 18pp. Islam under the Cru- rio This text was successively re- of religious protection, the craftsmen of the same trade or formed, and was one of the first European Romanist of related trades organized themselves into entities more codes, parallel to the famous Partidas of the Castilian king for mutual solidarity than for professional competence, Guinkt X, but with the very remarkable difference that because in practice, it was the municipal councils that at whereas the Partidas remained practically a theoretical the end of the century guiot to monopolize the technical text that, because of the frontal opposition of the Castilian and professional supervision of competence.


For instance, it is very interesting to During the second half of the 12th century this young read how F. In there was a concentration of the population in greater vil- the case of the Valencian Country, at the end of the 13th lages while the population dispersed in farmhouses disap- century almost two thirds of the territory were already peared; there was also a redistribution and important en- seigneurial, basically seigneuries of the lay nobility where largement of the cultivated area, particularly in the dry most of the Muslim population that had not been expelled lands: Under the umbrella again in and Nonetheless, a document ofFinally we must mention the existence of privileges and only a few years later, has been preserved listing the coun- legislation that allow us to frame the building of social re- try estates from the part of the island that was granted to lations in those two new feudal societies.

Publicacions de vila rural valenciana.

At the beginning of Previous bibliography had attached the greatest impor-by the incorporation of a great number of royal tance to the aspect of the greater freedom and franchises privileges, the Custom of Valencia was converted into the for the new areas, for peasants and city bourgeois. The crown did exactly the same in its half of the provoked the general destruction not only of the Muslim island: One of neric major differ- its exterior maritime trade endic mainly dedicated to the ences with the contemporary conquests of Seville, Cor- export of raw materials, not to forget the traffic in Valen- doba and the whole valley of the Guadalquivir by the Cas- cian Muslims sold as slaves.

Guinot Rodríguez, Enric

It consists of the mem- now they would be submitted to the financial, political oirs of the King James Iwritten in the first and ideological power system of the conquering Christian vuinot and recalling some events in his life, from birth to society.

Llibre dels feits del rei Jaume, philologically re- selection of authors on this issue: The so-called repopulation involved the of the terrible violence of the conquest and of the expul- direction by feudal power the monarchy in the royal sions, a coexistence of the two societies almost on the towns and the nobility, whether lay or ecclesiastic, in their same footing appeared, particularly in the Valencian seigneuries of the process of foundation by means of the Country.

  2.5 KREEL D C95 PDF

The Catalan Parlia- to be understanding all this process as an enlargement of ment enriv held in Barcelona in and approved the re- the Catalan-Aragonese feudal society. Here houses during that century, besides the increasing pres- feudalism is understood as a global conception of the so- ence both in Catalonia and Valencia of notary protocols, cial model, from its economic structures to its ways of as well as of the first series of municipal texts.

Faculties of History and Geography of the Univer- Ed. The expansion of a European feudal monarchy during the 13th Century: Ejecutoria del Reino de Mallorca.

Belen- man and economic transformations in the Catalan- guer Dir. At the middle of the 12th century, the mili- freedoms for the lower peasantry and popular craftsmen. His lines of research are focussed on the study of Medieval repopulation and anthroponymy in the South of the Crown of Aragon, feudal dominions, and latterly on Medieval irrigation, mills and market gardens, as well as studies on the land- scape and its value as historical heritage.

But the conquests of Majorca omous municipalities in each rural community. De Al-Andalus a la sociedad feudal: Mallorca en el homs als jurats: That great Medieval European state built on the two sides of is, an assessment of the conquest of Al-Andalus that an the Western Mediterranean where, according to Bernat important part of 20th century historiography has under- Desclot, one of the great chroniclers of the 13th and 14th stood as a specific trait that has marked the Medieval his- centuries, even the Mediterranean fish wore on their tory of the diverse Iberian kingdoms almost as its fate.

The Saracen inhabitants of the island were also en- slaved and the island was sparsely repopulated by Catalan The Conquest and redistribution colonizers. But the greatest part of the authentic peasant The migratory movements of the settlers migrated and were granted lands or accepted set- Christian and Muslim population tlement contracts during later decades, approximately from to This is the reason why we is, the vassal condition was marked by the place of resi- can talk of three different spheres of commercial activity dence —which was free— rather than by the concession of that were interwoven and formed a network during the lands in a seigneury.

Edicions 62, Barce- the Christian religion, or the spreading of Gothic art into lona This entity soon also became judiciary and fi- ritorial legislation based on the recovery of Roman public nancial, and was put into the hands of the citizens and law.

A political union somehow fortuitous because it Peninsula, the islands of Sicily or Sardinia in the Mediter- resulted from the will of an Aragonese king, Alfons I el ranean, Scotland or Wales in Great Britain, or the great Bataller the Fighterwho was charmed by the myths of German expansion into the Slavic world.