Bobby Chhabra, UVA Professor, describes his technique for open lateral epicondylitis surgery. Epicondylitis humeri radialis – acute and chronic (tennis elbow) Epicondylitis support band with lateral and medial nopped friction pad and wrist bandage. In einer prospektiven Studie wurden 85 Patienten mit einer chronischen therapieresistenten Epicondylitis humeri radialis (EHR) mit extrakorporaler.

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In our method, a major role belongs to manipulation epicondylitls opposed to immobilization, which is major step in classic clinical method. This surgical procedure may safely be performed endoscopically 3.

[Differential diagnosis of epicondylitis humeri radialis].

Our results suggest that the application of this method completely diminishes the need for surgical intervention. The analysis was performed in order to establish frequency of the conditions that epicondypitis into Raxialis group, the total requirement for CBR rehabilitation and to evaluate the effects of local instillation of corticosteroid depot on epicondylitis humeri radialis tennis elbow treatment.

Tennis elbow Epicondylitis humeri radialis is a painful syndrome caused by inflammational, nonspecific changes in forearm and hand epiconxylitis connection at lateral epicondyle of humerus and radio-humeral joint and its capsule. The exact cause of elbow pain is still unclear. Exact discussion of the symptomatics of the epicondylitis seems to be necessary. In 14 patients with epicondylitis who were resistant to conservative therapy and received surgical treatment by Wilhelm procedure, significant reduction in symptoms was observed following observation period of 7,5 years on average years.


Following the epiconylitis by family doctor and orthopedic specialist days immobilization cast is usually applied along with analgesic drugs and sick leave. Thereafter, the treatment continues with physical therapy.


Schmidt R, Swoboda B. When the test is negative pain is considered to be of spondy- logenic, arthrogenic or neurogenic nature. Because of anular ligament and radius capitulum elbow performs rotational movements along longitudinal joint axis in addition to flexion and extension. Patients structure according to the age groups. Efficacy of tennis elbow epicondylitis humeri radialis treatment in CBR “Praxis”. A review of the literature]. Following the surgical treatment subel-bow immobilization implemented for one week.

There is no loss of working hours in the employed patients.

Hegemann or from epiphysiolysis. In 47 patients surgery involved tendon caput communae extensorum while m.

Initial analysis established that average overall health condition grade was 2,87 at the onset of treatment. Therefore, this surgical procedure was recommended 7. Also, the functional ability radialjs elbow is, in majority of patients, fully restored.

Thus, surgical treatment was not necessary in any patient. Its names are due to higher frequency of these overexertion syndromes in certain sports.

Efficacy of tennis elbow (epicondylitis humeri radialis) treatment in CBR “Praxis”.

Following ineffective conservative treatment, 55 patients with tennis elbow 29 female and 16 maleof average age 41,1 years 21 to 61were surgically treated. Other than in sportsmen, it is a professional ailment in typists, bricklayers, truck drivers, dentists and surgeons, that is in individuals with frequent contractions of extensors and supinators lateral epicondylitis or flexors and pronators medial epicondylitis.


In our method, manipulation has a major role.

It is frequent in middle-aged persons, equally frequent in men and women and generally affects dominant hand. Noack Zeitschrift fur Orthopadie und epickndylitis Grenzgebiete Conservative treatment should be adjusted to the intensity of inflammation and pain and include control of further activities.

In the cases of pain therapy resistance, in particular in conservative therapy of tennis elbow, non-traumatic supinator syndrome should be considered as diagnostic possibility 2. Following the treatment completion that grade was 4, In untrained persons, frequently practiced recreational sports activity may result in epicondylitis humeri radialis.

Ocjena modela baze podataka za fi zikalnu…. All the treatment procedures, pre-and post-treatment assessment as well as the results of any additional procedures are radialid into adequate database and stored for subsequent professional and academic analysis 9.

Totkas D, Noack W.