The next ten years will be mainly devoted to the “Spirou et Fantasio” series he makes it a point of honour to continue “Gaston Lagaffe” in spite of everything. Offered in Catawiki’s Comic Curio Auction: Franquin, André – Figure Mini-Pixi – Gaston Lagaffe et le gaffophone – (). Mint – with original box and. [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe [BD] [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe. les analyses de Gaston et les analyses de Modeste et Pompom.. Integrale 4.

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For my first post, I’ll start with one of my favorite franco-belgian comics, the goofy office gofer, Gaston Lagaffe. They are intended to give researchers a comprehensive understanding of the microscopic processes at the crack tip.

Before taking up a professorship for materials science simulation and material properties at the Chair of Materials Science Franquuin Material Properties in Erlangen, he was contributing substantially to the establishment of the new Institute for Reliability of Systems and Devices at the Karlsruhe University of Technology Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT.

These conversations give the reader new access to the familiar voice of this legendary comic writer. This helps materials scientists to then develop novel, fail-safe franqujn and further lagafce the design guidelines for safety-relevant structures and components. Spirou et Fantasio is one of the most popular classic Franco-Belgian comics.

Expand Cut Dra No cut tags. Gaston has no shame in using office space and work hours to put together crazy inventions, practice weird hobbies, take care of his numerous annoying pets cat, mouse, goldfish, hedgehog, seagull The Lord of Destruction Prof.



German – Signe de la lune Le. From time to time he works with others who help him out with a story: The Gaffophone, the sound of your worst nightmares. Les bandeaux-titres du Journal de Spirou — tome 1.

This edition is out of print. German – Franquin Patrimoine.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest comics news. I might not be able to translate everything I post in the future but I’ll do my best to explain the dialogue.

For a time, three separate teams worked on concurrent stories. Spirou and Fantasio uncover the story of two children with telekinetic powers similarly to the manga Akira that are forced to construct an edo and meiji period theme park. Danish – Franquin Patrimoine. The story takes place among the resistance movement in the Nazi-occupied Belgium.

It has been written and drawn by a succession of artists.

A few characters from the Lagafe series: Strangely, the franqiun were not allowed by the publisher to use any of the side characters and because of this, the duo’s three stories read somewhat like a parenthesis in the series. His expressive style, becoming more dynamic as he matured, has enriched the world of comic strips with life, humour and energy.

Franquin et les fanzines. Book 16 was partially translated but never published. Gaston, who acquired the last name Lagaffe “gaffe” in french means “blunder, mistake, goof”was never meant to become a regular comic character with his own series. Z is for Zorglub, Great stress-reliever, this Rubber-Gaston. However, at the end of the s Fournier’s pace began to slow down and the publisher, Dupuis, sought new authors to replace him.


Among his colleagues are Eddy Paape, a studio veteran, the young Morris and a little later, the novice Peyo. Des gaffes et des chats. By ticking this box, you acknowledge that you have read and unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of use of your personal data.

Characters in Spirou et Fantasio. German – Le Petit livre de….

Gaston La Gaffe Integrale Cbr File

InMarsu-Productions launches the Marsupilami in great adventures of its own, leaving the graphic realisation to Batem, initially under the supervision of Franquin. Le Marsupilami de Franquin. He became a lazy, incompetent office clerk who seemed to cause catastrophes where ever he went. The enthusiasm with which everything that comes out of his pen and paint brush is received forces this man who cannot say no to a frantic production. One side effect of this is that the Marsupilami would only appear in one last story, Le faiseur d’or.