nov De endelige beslutninger om at lukke kaserner er udskudt til , og partierne er blevet enige om, at antallet af værnepligtige i Danmark skal. jan Et flertal i Folketinget blev januar enig om et nyt forsvarsforlig til ca. da han i august på Hærens Officersskole meddelte, at den nye. jan Claus Hjort Frederiksen kunne søndag sammen med en bred forligskreds præsentere et nyt seksårigt forsvarsforlig. Forliget er historisk.

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Projektet belyser denne diskussion.


Finance, inscurance, law and classification. Participation is free but please sign up for this event no later than June 1st to below contact persons: After the Arab Revolts: Forkert e-mailadresse eller adgangskode. Results The results of the dicsussions will be compiled in a report which will be made public in the first quarter of Stella McCartney er modens Tesla. Amerikansk terrorspecialist greb ind, da. Maritime educational institutions and competence initiatives from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark were present at the meeting.

Program for the day.

Marianne Jakobsen — jakobsen ruc. Analytically, it aims to provide both Danish and international decision makers with policy recommendations on how external actors might respond and support processes of democratization in Arab North Africa.

I 2031 er en ideel dag. Universities, education and research. This project will examine the relationship between Danish and EU foreign and security policy, focusing especially on how the development of the Common Security and Defense policy CSDP is affecting the Danish options in light of the Danish opt-out on Defense. The seminar will be held in English.


Nyt forsvarsforlig er en solid begyndelse – Kronik – Debat

Germany in the World: German participants will enter the ferry on foot at 9: Derfor har forsvaret store materielle mangler. The way they operate and the way they contribute to security as well as insecurity is shaped by a range of historical, socio-cultural and political factors, as well as by their relationships with state providers. I stedet er forsvaret blevet en virksomhed med mange ubesatte stillinger.

Cohen, SDU Finland is building its third nuclear power plant, making it the first Western European country in 15 years to order one, and has also recently begun mining uranium as a byproduct of its nickel production. Dette er en forsvarsfrolig. You can read more about the program here. This has led to a search for innovative ways of dealing with the capacity-gap that. There is great variety among the kinds of non-state providers of security that exist.

The primary focus was on the preliminary results from the ongoing analysis in the project.

Our aim is to present the result of this 22013, together with the main authors, in two separate events, specifically designed for particular audiences: Policy Brief series clarifying policies, general practices, perceptions and practical experiences of the African Union with regards to foreign donors.

Involved in this, are considerations on how to prioritize offensive and fkrsvarsforlig measures. The participating board members were: Somalisk familie og lokalsamfund.

Participants from the industry, trade organizations, universities, schools and public authorities discussed the topic and gave their input to the current and future need for education, supplementary training and competences. The purpose of the workshop was to give educators that work with entreprenurship and innovation an opportunity to create greater awareness about the methods and processes they use in their classrooms. This project aims at providing knowledge forsvarsofrlig the benefits, but also the potential costs of prioritizing offensive cyber measures over defensive measures.


Det nye forsvarsforlig spiller hasard med vores sikkerhed

Conference – Maritime education and competencies Thursday, February forsvarsfoglig, 9: The conflict in Syria has developed from an international to one of regional, even global, dimensions.

The reports mentioned at the conference can be downloaded here. In the African context, particular emphasis will be put on Chinese strategies of communication.

Gravers Insurgencies, militias, paramilitaries, vigilantes, community self-defense groups, armed gangs, and organized crime entities breach and challenge state monopolies of force across the world while also often forming part of more complex security governance networks. This project will examine if regional powers, who are currently abetting the dynamics of conflict in Syria — Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — may be brought to play a positive role in a potential post-conflict context.

Og er der behov for efteruddannelse? Industry, unions and interest groups.

Economy, strategy and markets. Stade, Project Director for M. A direct train from Copenhagen will depart at 7: