The Boojum tree (Fouquieria columnaris) is one of the most bizarre-looking plants in the world. Shaped like spiny upside down carrots, they never fail to interest. Fouquieria columnaris (Kellogg) Kellogg ex Curran Show All Show Tabs boojum tree. Image of Fouquieria columnaris. General Information. Symbol: FOCO3. boojum tree Fouquieriaceae Fouquieria columnaris (Kellogg) Kellogg ex Curran Listen to the Latin symbol: FOCO3 Leaf: Helically alternate, obovate, 1/2 to 1.

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The flowers have a strong, sweet honeycomb fragrance and produce a noticeably sweetened nectar, and are visited by a variety of insects, including 15 species of bees as well as various beetles, ants, and butterflies as well as hummingbirds. People of the desert and sea: Large Boojum trees seldom survive transplanting. Sepals 5, rounded mm long. Side branches elongate mainly in winter but may grow in any season given enough rain Leaves: This is a really bizzare succulent often used in large botanical gardens as peculariarities in their xeriscape sections.

The Hunting of the Snark: For maximum growth the plants need ample root space. Trunk main axiscolumnar metres tall white barked as much as in diameter near the base slenderly tapering upwards, unbranched or sometimes with one to several major branches from the fouquietia part of the plant: Fouquieria columnaristhe Boojum tree or cirio American Spanish: Send a photo of this plant.


I have one growing in a pot for the last 10 years. It gives double duty: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Back to Fouquieriaceae index. Watering should be greatly reduced during the lust summer months to prevent rotting.

Rocky granitic or volcanic slopes and canyons: Fouquiefia addition of gravel, decomposed granite, or sand will help loosen heavier soils, thereby allowing the root system to get spread out and established evenly.

Retrieved from ” https: Contact Submit an Article Advertise. Mexico, as influenced by climate. This weakens the stems, causing them to bend. In habitat most seeds germinate during the colimnaris rain but in cultivation, they germinate readily without pretreatment.

SEINet Portal Network – Fouquieria columnaris

Leaves will reappear and growth will resume sometime after mid-September, occasionally as late as November. Very small plants should only columaris planted out if they can be protected from full sun by a bush or tree as they grow up. Natural bonsais columbaris habitat growing in cracks in the rock In growth it supports the leaf. It is nearly endemic to the Baja California Peninsula both the northern and southern stateswith only a small population in the Sierra Bacha of SonoraMexico.

Watch the tip; if it begins to shrivel or shrink, water the plant, otherwise it is best left alone. Kellogg Kellogg ex Curran. Seedlings are mostly found beneath shrubs, in rock foouquieria, or beside rocks. The flowers bloom in summer and autumn; they occur in short racemesand are creamy yellow with a honey scent.


Fouquieria columnaris {Fouquieriaceae} Boojum Tree

They need freely circulating air. The Seri name for this plant is cototaj Seri pronunciation: The curling branches and leaders can look like arms reaching down to capture those passing beneath.

Cream white to yellow, subsessile, fragrant, crowded in the upper part of the inflorescences, mm long. Throughout the range, winter rain is dependable, summer or early autumn rain occasional. The peculiar distribution pattern of the mainland boojums has led Mexican botanists to conclude that they were probably transplanted to the mainland by the indigenous Seri peoplewho lived in this area and still live on communal property south of this location.

Boojum Tree, Cirio

I water it only a couple times a year, when the thornless hedgehog cactus in the pot with it starts to get too wrinkled. Short-shoot leaves obovate or oblanceolate mm long, mm wide with smaller leaves in their axils.

Woody cylinder thin, about as thick as bark, greatly exceeded by large succulent central pith. Post a comment about douquieria plant. They can grow to a height of 20 meters almost fouwuieria feet.

Given this belief, the hypothesis that the Seri people transplanted it is doubtful.