1 A rare talent for translating between physical intuition and mathematics; 2 Frank Znidarsic; 3 Frank Znidarsic interview by Blue Science (Youtube); 4 Frank. View frank znidarsic’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. frank has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. Control of the Natural Forces – Frank Znidarsic (PDF) – Shows the derivation of a velocity fundamental to Planck’s Constant, and shows the fundamental source.

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These concepts have been applied from the energy levels of the atomic states a few electron volts to the energy levels associated with the nuclear transmutations millions of electron volts.

Science Journals – Papers written by Frank Znidarsic

Monti Comment left 17th September Living with the Fluid Genome. Burago, Sergey Busby, Chris C. The znidaarsic of location does not exist in the particle world they way it does in the classical world so it is obvious that derivations such as the ones above can not be always applied. Nieves Rivas, Rodolfo A.

The Z Theory of Everything

David Llewellyn Foster Comment left 17th November Are you an author? Walker, James Walton, G.

Exposing the Hazards of Biotechnology to Ensure This wave-particle duality of light and matter is a paradox in quantum physics, for which there is no zndarsic. Although the unification of weak electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces has been achieved, gravity remains beyond the pale of existing physical laws.


Similarly, the principle radii of the hydrogen atom r x is derived in Equation 3 where n is an integer, F max is the maximum restoring force of Znidaarsic expansive electromagnetic force of the electron is counteracted by the compressive, strong nuclear force acting in the opposite direction.

Everything a part of the whole versus everything as the whole in parts. If you play by ear, Midi Staff will help you to learn how to read music. The earth does not move at the speed of the bouncing ball zbidarsic the ball gives up energy in a series of progressivity smaller bounces.

Picture the electrons as force fields vibrating back and forth towards the nucleus, or better yet, as particles attached to an elastic band and engaged in harmonic motion. Prokic, Miodrag Provatidis, Christopher G. Dara O Shayda Papers uploaded [7] From: Quantum theory allows us to look at particle systems from many different approaches and hold very general relationship truths and patterns that can not be denied.

The Z Theory of Everything

Znidaric suggests that the BEC in the superconducting disc somehow locally amplifies the magnetic components of the forces. And when the slowed electromagnetic velocity matches the velocity of sound within the nucleus, there is no longer any barrier frajk energy transfer, and cold fusion can proceed [16].


Contact Us Privacy Terms of Use. Michael Turtur, Claus W. This page has been accessed znudarsic, times. Prunier, Fernand Punnaivanam, M. The strength of the restoring force is directly proportional to the square of the displacement of the particle from its rest position, i.

Frank Znidarsic

This levitation of the superconducting disc itself has nothing to do with gravity. In essence, the energy of the photon is given by Equation 2 where Q is the elementary charge, and e o is the electric permittivity of free space.

Tsolkas, Christos Turanyanin, Dragan N. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Hynecek, Jaroslav Ibrahim, Abdulla A. Used with Chorme Cast it makes a nice show if you play before an audience.

Branko L Zivlak Papers uploaded [23] From: Learn more at Author Central.

It is relatively well understood as the effect of the repulsive force generated by the superconducting disc against the magnetic field [20].