His memoir From the Ashes of Sobibor: A Story of Survival tells of a boy thrust into an extermination camp in which at least Jews perished. Source for. He found a diary that had been kept up to the arrival in Sobibor. revolt () and From the ashes of Sobibor: a story of survival (). Blatt tells of the chilling events that led to his deportation to Sobibor, of his separation From the Ashes of Sobibor also includes a moving interview with Karl.

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Few prisoners knew about the plan, but Thomas was one of the insiders.

Blatt’s tale of escape, and of the five harrowing years spent eluding both the Nazis and anti-Semitic Polish nationalists, is gripping account of resilience and survival. I met the author of this book during the course of my job. Perhaps the most frightening, and dispiriting, part of Blatt’s account is how Christian Poles at times robbed, terrorized, or even murdered Jewish fugitives, such as the Sobibor escapees. Sobibor, the Forgotten Revolt: I can still sobobor his voice. I had to drag myself through the asehs of the reading in this class, but this book I read with gusto!

I bought this book as part of a book lot about the Fo at a field auction. The bullet remains there to this day. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in. Sep 06, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Belzec, Sobibor, and Majdanek. Such moments of utter heartlessness alternate with stories of selfless generosity: The train has stopped.



Blatt tells of the chilling events that led to his deportation to Sobibor, and of the six months he spent there before taking part in the now-famous uprising and mass breakout. Just another remarkable story.

There were rumours that people were being burned there. A chilling narrative; highly recommended for Judaica collections and Holocaust specialists as well as general readers. Public Aehes login e. Nov 04, Sylvia rated it it was amazing. He found a diary that had been kept up to the arrival in Sobibor.

From the Ashes of Sobibor: A Story of Survival

About Thomas Toivi Blatt. This was an assigned book for my History of the Holocaust class and while this entire class has moved me in ways I could aahes never imagined, I will never forget the words of xobibor book.

Other prisoners in Sobibor also found notes in the clothes of the victims from Belzec. Blatt had found his destiny. Want to Read saving…. Summary From the Ashes of Sobibor: Apr 13, Cynthia Alice rated it it was amazing.

Archived from the original on July 1, — via Internet Archive: Now, over half a century ashez, fewer than a dozen remain. Watch an interview on YouTube with Thomas Blatt and other survivors.

Thomas “Toivi” Blatt born April 15, was one of the few survivors who successfully escaped Sobibor extermination camp. The University of Melbourne Library.

Thomas Blatt is one of these few. In order to prevent all contact with the prisoners in Sobibor, the camp leadership had decided to kill the transport from Belzec as soon as they arrived. Blatt searches for answers; wonders what happened to Frenzel’s humanity during that awful time. Make this your default list. One day a kapo could be a fearsome oppressor and the next day a savior, as he pitches in to help Blatt meet an almost impossible work quota.


Lamm Jewish Library of Australia.

From the ashes of Sobibor : a story of survival

I taught this story for years and couldn’t believe that “Toivi” wrote a book. After the war he moved to Santa Barbara in California.

My main thought throughout the book was how incredibly lucky Blatt was. Blatt’s account of his childhood in Izbica provides a fascinating glimpse of Jewish life in Poland after the German invasion and during the periods of mass deportations of Jews to the camps.

Fifty-five years later Blatt is still haunted by his thoughtless remark. Retrieved from ” https: The bullet remains there to this day. It is the story of a boy who at the age of sixteen witnessed his entire family father, mother, and younger brother sent to the ovens to be turned into ashes and who vowed to live to tell the world the horror he had seen.