FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window .. it is also possible to manually set a size using the Geometry command. This chapter contains the manual pages for the FVWM Virtual Window With fvwm’s virtual desktop, windows which do not appear on the screen do not actually. Fvwm provides both a large virtual desktop and multiple disjoint desktops which can be used separately or together. The virtual desktop allows you to pretend.

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Fvwm sets two environment variables which are inherited by its children. To send requests immediately, use “True” as the argument, to disable this use “False” or to toggle between both methods use “Toggle” or omit the bool argument.

If conflicting styles are specified for a window, then the last style specified will be used. Width and height default to 1 if omitted.

FVWM Cookbook FAQ

The form described here is for binding a main menu to a key or mouse button. Types of Menus In fvwm there are four slightly different types of menus: The shadow effect only works with colorsets.

The easiest way is to use gvwm flat-file that just stores a list of window names or classes.

Move Allows the user to move a window. If no id is given, fvwm uses negative id numbers, starting with -1 and decreasing by one with each use of the Schedule command.

If you want a quote character in your text, you must escape it by using the backslash character. Of the following examples, the first three are sure losers, but the third is OK: The size of the virtual desktop is limited to about 32, by 32, pixels.


AutomaticHotkeys control the menu’s abil- ity to automatically provide hot-keys on the first character of each menu item’s label.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

If Xinerama is not present, this returns the number 0. If the pointer leaves the current menu in the general direction of the sub menu the menu stays up. Similarly for fvmw window title.

Manuzl to ten title-bar buttons may exist. In this case, it is ‘OSXDock’. Next it looks for a user-defined complex function called “HelpMe”. This “first” font depends of your mnaual path and also of your locale. The command default-action is invoked if the user clicks a button to invoke the menu and releases it immediately again or hits the key rapidly twice if the menu is bound to a key.

StdBackColor colorname Sets the background color for menus, and non-selected windows to colorname. This command is used to set attributes of a window to values other than the default, or to set the window-manager default styles.

The fvwj as interpreted as in the MoveToScreen command. Please refer to the Module Commands section for details. Pressing button 3 will move the top-left corner of the viewport to the location of the button press, even if it does not line up with a page. With the optional argument Anim an animated move is used to place the window in its new position.

If a TitleColorset was used, the background colour is taken from there. Tear off bars must be added to the menu as any other item by manaul them the command TearMenuOff. Menu menus stay up on a click action.


FVWM – Man Pages

Fvwm sets two environment variables which are inherited by its chil- dren. There are three ways to tear off a menu: TitleColorset works exactly like MenuColorsetbut is fwvm only for menu titles. Moreover, in this case the -A and -S options are forced. When a window receives focus, we will need to check to see if it is nanual the state of the window might have been modified, without necessarily using something like the mouse, which would send a focus event.

Iconicand that accept focus AcceptsFocus. An optional integer argument verbose defines the level of information which is given. If this option is set to “False”, then the busy cursor is not displayed during a dynamic menu command even if this command is a Manusl or PipeRead command and the Read option is set to “True”.

With fvwm you may try various values, 61 a special “visual” palette56 a 4x4x3 color cube plus 6 grey29 a 3x3x3 color cube plus 2 grey10 or 9. If you wanted to use the WindowList as an icon manager, you could invoke the following: If the Ffwm server does not support Xinerama or only one screen is used, the screen bit is ignored.

Some applica- tions place the window’s upper right hand corner 5 pixels above and to the left of the upper left fvwk corner of the screen; others may do just plain bizarre things.