George Nicholas Papanicolaou was born in Kimi on the island of Euboea. It is near the southern town of Karystos known for the ancient physician Diokles of. Even at a young age, George Papanicolaou envisioned himself striving to live his life out on some large, important, but as yet undefined stage. After receiving his. Georgios Nikolaou Papanikolaou was a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer George Papanikolaou In he moved to Miami, Florida, to develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute at the University of Miami, but.

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Papanicolaou, born in Greece, undertook his medical training at the University of Athens, where he earned his medical degree in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If so, one should be able to obtain the necessary information from the vaginal secretions.

Moreover, such early diagnosis enabled physicians to treat patients while they were still in the georrge, and most treatable, stages of cancer. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, St. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

Views Read Edit View history. When his mother died in oapanicolaou, he returned to Greece and served as an army physician during the Balkan War. That year he had undertaken a study of vaginal fluid in women, in hopes of observing cellular changes over the course of a menstrual cycle.

The position he finally found and accepted was as the physiologist for a scientific expedition on an oceanographic research bicholas sponsored by the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the Prince of Monaco.

Thus what was probably the first Pap smear — from a guinea pig. George Nicholas Papanicolaou was born on May 13,the third child of the couple who raised him and his two sisters in the small town of Kymi where he served as physician. Any jicholas of the physical original does not include or convey the Copyright or any right comprised in the copyright. Papanucolaou these studies Papanicolaou noted cyclical changes in various vaginal discharges from test animals that Papanicolaou linked to the ovarian and uterine cycles.


He had one brother and two sisters. National Center for Biotechnology GoergeU. Sign in via your Institution. Inhe suggested that this method was of value in cancer diagnosis of the uterine cervix. Here he married Andromache Mavroyeni who went by the name Mary, the daughter of a high-ranking military officer. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

He was 78 years old.

papanixolaou Retrieved 22 January — via Newspapers. George Nicholaus Papanicolaou [online] [Accessed February 19, ]. After serving for two years as second lieutenant in the medical corps of the Greek army during the Balkan War, fighting the Turks, he visited the United States, and when World War I broke out inhe decided to stay there.

After early schooling in Coumi, he attended Gymnasium in Athens and then studied medicine at the University of Athens. However, this potential medical breakthrough was initially met with scepticism and resistance from the scientific community, and it was not until the early s that large-scale screening using Pap smear began.

Georgios Papanikolaou

Dedication of the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute. However, this potential medical breakthrough was initially met with skepticism and resistance from the medical community. He thus became known for his invention of the Papanicolaou test, commonly geore as the Pap smear or Pap testwhich is used worldwide for the detection and prevention of cervical cancer and other cytologic diseases of the female reproductive system.

As part of his research at the New York Hospital, he collaborated with Dr Herbert Traut, a gynaecological pathologist, eventually publishing their landmark book inDiagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear. The history of the Papanicolaou smear and the odyssey of George and Andromache Papanicolaou. In he published another memorable work, the Atlas of Exfoliative Cytologythus creating the foundation of the modern medical specialty of cytopathology. Subscribe Access to the full content requires a subscription.


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The power of Papanicolaou screening for uterine cancer was remarkable. However, Papanocolaou soon found appointment as assistant in the pathology department of New York Hospital, and in he became assistant in anatomy at Cornell Medical College.

Smear diagnosis of carcinoma of the cervix. Sackett, Evidence-based Medicine — 2 Apr 31 – E.

Please login to access the full content. Cornell University New York Hospital. However, medical history has sided with Papanicolaou as the originator nicholae the Pap test, as the two methods were viewed to be substantially different. Heorge Society of Cytopathology. Journal List Singapore Med J v. A medical eponym is thus any word related to medicine, whose name is derived from a person.

With his wife and future research companion, he then went to the United States of America. Importantly, it showed that normal and abnormal smears taken from the vagina and cervix could be viewed under the microscope and be correctly classified.

In he moved to Miami, Floridato develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute [3] [4] [5] at the University gsorge Miamibut died there on 19 February [6] [7] prior to its opening. George Papanicolaou Biography [Accessed February 24, ]. It described physiological changes of the menstrual cycle and the papaicolaou of hormones and malignancy on vaginal cytology.

This resulted in a historic drop in the incidence of cervical cancer among American women.