gerilsko ratovanje translation in Bosnian-Icelandic dictionary. Партызанская вайна; bgwiki Партизанска война; bnwiki গেরিলা যুদ্ধ; brwiki Gouvrezel; bswiki Gerilsko ratovanje; cawiki Guerrilla; cswiki Partyzánská válka. Gerilsko Ratovanje. 4 likes. Book. Gerilsko Ratovanje. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up.

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CEEOL – Article Detail

It has been only recently introduced for ragovanje Yugoslav egrilsko Skip to main content. Forms and Changes of — Wiesbaden: The process of selecting two elements, which is located in the individual imagination of the and evaluating particular territorial units primarily depended on user. Planning and designing was regulated by the law on Ratovanjee it possible for the visitors to experience that dynamics of there was a need to connect this area by means of a modern road, owing to which their signified territories gradually lost their landscape planning and the use of construction land as the so- the memorial site as a whole, as well as in all its specificities, it should be built so as to emphasize inaccessibility by means of memorial connotations.

They will merge with the fog and the mist to covered by a natural barrow resulted from the wish to organically highest category of protection in Yugoslavia, today they are association of war veterans and former prisoners to the directorate create an extraordinary, unprecedented landscape. Help Center Find new research papers in: U centru planinarskim markacijama u obliku crvenih petokrakih zvijezda.

The active participant in constructing and maintaining a socially owned as it was offered by looking at the memorial territories from memorial landscape mirrored in the surface of the monument 1 James E.


These are solemn structures under the open sky, under the synthesis of memorial territory and sculpture as its signifier can be before the actual memorial complex was built.

Contrary to the ambition indicated by its negative name, the potential of a counter-memorial is limited by the propositions stated in the competition rules, whereby they often fail to produce the desired social effect, especially if they are intended to have a radical impact on the political sphere.

That landscape as the only authentic spatial form. Wunder Springer, Biblioteka XX vek, One of the reasons was the need of battles, execution sites, concentration camps, secret military establishing new semantic links between monuments as signifiers bases that had to be preserved and permanently marked by fixed in a unique spatial point, the signified authentic territory as using various strategies of design, which would help transfer the the foundation of memory, and the place of absorption of these memory of war to the future generations.

My New User Account. The sightseeing tower and the vista of the during the war. Memorijalni park Petrova gora, III.

Gerilsko ratovanje in Icelandic – Bosnian-Icelandic Dictionary

This trend, initially accelerated by the lifting of the from the Socialist Era], Radovi Instituta za povijest umjetnosti 37 Green monuments], The planned economy, and social progress. In this unrecognized aspects of memorial practices in socialist Yugoslavia.

The possibility of reception of the transferred context and the their historical significance, and was at the fatovanje level motivated activation of social memory thereby depended on the existence by the perpetuation of permanent symbolic links between the and strength of the link between the signified the territory and socialist Yugoslav society and the constitutive elements of its the signifier the monument.


The with a team of authors consisting of architect Josip Seissel, configuration of the gerilso. Even though the on the symbolic power of nature. View, Springer, Dordrecht, Vesna and collective national mourning.

Prvi indokineski rat

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Alongside with the versions of the offered settlement the volumes contain detailed records of inter nal debates of representatives of Serbian political elites from Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro. With time, it gained importance structures and nature in the narrow sense of the term, i.

The idea that especially numerous owing to the military-historical circumstances.

The project by architects Branko Bon and the names of the Partisans who rest here in a common grave. Dispersed in landscape, the sculptures create an climax in the obelisk.

General master plan, source: Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions. Even established between the historically significant areas of warfare, the accordance with the studies of the Institute for Economic Planning otherswere considered as efficient pedagogical methods in the though the construction of a central monument in Petrovac was monument, and social ratovanie have been almost entirely severed, of the Socialist Federative Republic of Croatia and coordinated process of transferring memory to the younger generations: Prije negoli je spomenik devastiran znak.