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Sprachenlernen hingegen erfolgt bewusst, ist explizit und wird gesteuert, findet also mit Lehrern innerhalb von Institutionen wie der Schule statt.

In the case of plural, the maximum score is six, one point per plural class. Thus, there is evidence for concurrent validity for vocabulary. This spprachentwicklung in accordance with results reported by Clahsen who observed a co-occurrence in the acquisition of case and verb marking in analyses of spontaneous speech data.

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Temporal reference in German child language. The exception that proves the rule? Bivariate correlations and partial correlations partialling out age were calculated. Concurrent validity Concurrent validity was determined for vocabulary. As depicted in Fig. Three of these, -e, -er and zero marking, can combine with umlaut vowel change in the stemthus rendering eight different plural sprachenteicklung.

In accordance with this aim, their questionnaires contain a short vocabulary list of words and a selection of inflectional markings believed ezagun be critical. Another limitation of the sample is that no detailed information on social class is available. The Childes Language data exchange system pp.


The case of determiners – Tremblay – 4 Typological perspectives on the acquisition of noun and verb morphology – Laaha, Gillis – 3 Der Altersfaktor im Zweitspracherwerb: The acquisition of Germanic languages, German, Szagun. This states that a certain number of lexical items is required before such items can be operated upon, for instance, by affixing bound morphemes or combining words to sentences.


Der Einfluss des Alters auf den Spracherwerb: Early lexical development in German: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The acquisition of gender marking by young German-speaking children: This similarity is not surprising, as more complex sentences in German almost always involve increased use of inflectional morphology.

As indicated by Figs 1—8, growth curves do not show monotonic increases at successive months over the entire age range. Diminutives as pioneers of derivational and inflectional development — a cross-linguistic perspective – Savickiene, Dressler, et al.

Thus, there is converging evidence for the interdependence of lexical and grammatical learning from neurophysiological and crosslinguistic behavioural data. Sex differences in intellectual functioning. The present results are suggestive of differences in the speed of acquisition of the different paradigms.

Participants Parents of children aged 1;6—2;6 were contacted and asked to participate in the study. The vocabulary section of szzagun earlier version differed only slightly from the current version. Individual differences and implications of a “sensitive phase – Szagun – In this latter case, parents were resident all over Germany.

At 2;0 the mean score is 1. A comparative analysis – Stephany, Voeikova – From first words to grammar: Figure 2 shows the means and standard deviations for the growth curve of sentence complexity.


Using a pilot version of the present vocabulary checklist and spontaneous speech data from a sample of 20 children Szagun, bconcurrent validity was established. There is already some plural marking at 1;6 with a mean score of 0.

Except for the first two age levels, variability is considerable. Help Center Find new research papers in: However, it is unclear whether this somewhat different result is due to dzagun differences in the languages, as measurement of the Hebrew grammatical complexity scale also differed in important ways, measuring increasing complexity from one-word utterances to complex sentences Maital et al.

Journal of Child Language, 31, 1— Forms of modal verbs and the copula are acquired more slowly than any other inflectional morphology.

The efficacy of phonological neighborhoods as a measure of phonological representations.

Semesterapparate UB Bayreuth

The reason why they may not have occurred in our speech samples was that these were recorded in a university playroom and thus in a more restricted environment than home for details, see Szagun, a, gixela.

Invited presentation sorachentwicklung Center for – Tardif – The different language skills were strongly related, with grammatical development increasing non-linearly in dependence on vocabulary. Sprache beginnt mit dem ersten Schrei, http: Research Grants to Gisela Szagun by: