a copy of GM Ziatdinov’s book, GM- RAM. It has around positions and games that he says make up most of the. Anyone here learn the positions out of Ziatdinov’s *GM-RAM*? Did it make a Grandmaster (or at least a master) out of you?. Wikipedia – Raset Ziatdinov My games- on internet. My Book – GM-RAM-Essential -Grandmaster-Chess-Knowledge Facebook- facebook with photos, friends.

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Someone should put out an annotated version of that book: Chess Tactics Training on the iPad.

Awesome movie of a ziatdiov robot! I just wanted to know if there was anyone who had actually followed his recommendations and become a GM from it. My hypothesis is that there are two types of games one should study: But if you practice and play many games, you will improve and become a strong player. What is not so clear is: GM Soltis says the way to improve is to study master games. What turns off most people is the problems have no solutions. Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog. Just accept this fact.

To be a master you do not need to know thousands of King and Pawn endings.


GM Ram: Ziyatdinov’s Theory

When I was watching that video I first thought it was two people dressed up as a robot dog. Anonymous Tuesday, 06 March, Susan Polgar Chess and Information Blog. Then as I watched the whole video I realized it was not two guys, but an actual 4 legged robot.

I think if you really want to become a GM you should seek one out in person at a local chess club and continue to find as many games with players as high as possible. And becoming an olympic athlete has a lot to do with developing ziaatdinov reflexes, which is a lot of what becoming a chess grandmaster involves.

Took longer than two years though. Well, it would probably have to be some sort of other heavy drug. James, this whole business of memorizing games is very intriguing to me.

Is possible? – beginner adult to Grandmaster

Russ Brown Monday, 15 November, In the future, additional posts may also carry this tag. Alastair, I am training daily either with that book or with others via methods inspired partly by GM-RAM and partly by reading in the psychology of learning and excellence provoked by David Shenk’s The Genius in All of Us.

This position arose in my fourth round game in this weekend’s Eastern Washington Open. It’s hard to think that chess is anyone’s life mission though.


Chess Skills: GM-RAM: Essential Knowledge

Sleep and the resulting sillyness are her methods to keep us on track. That is what can be done. A medical doctor has less education than a PhD in just about any field. These positions are like the fingerprint of the games—from this fingerprint, the associated game can be identified. And if it hadn’t been for the score of Ry Cooder, I would have slept through all of the movie.

You have Secrets of Pawn Endings on your training schedule, which is a most excellent endgame book. So what to do now. Practical Chess Exercises 5 months ago.

GM RAM Ziatdinov

The Chess Mind Blog. He doesn’t give you any analysis though, just the positions and games. Use the contact form below if interested. But this is no surprise. Certain of the games have more than one position included. So if that’s the case, then yes, there is extensive evidence to support it.