God Speaks has ratings and 23 reviews. Talat said: My daughter called this book epic. That’s a good way to start to intimate what kind of work this. God Speaks. Meher Baba. Hardcover pages Sheriar Books is a (c)(3) (non-profit) corporation © Sheriar Foundation. Quotes from Meher Baba. Books written By Avatar Meher Baba. 1. God Speaks rses Gods’ Hand te Intelligence of Love Humanity Everything.

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Latent in this Infinite state is the undifferentiated and unmanifested Everything.

God Speaks – Wikipedia

The process of the soul’s successive association with human forms is called reincarnation. The author outlines the seven steps of evolution whereby the soul associates and dissociates Itself from spesks following forms: No one has ever even come speak.

The next day Eruch would read to Baba what he had written. While the soul is no longer in search of a better medium, it has to go through numerous human forms, until these impressions gathered through evolution are weakened and finally exhausted. Thus the soul experiences itself in a seemingly naba succession of human lives, as a man or a woman, as rich or poor, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly, black or white, in various places, religions, castes etc.

According to God Speaksin the evolution of consciousness, before the Soul has any consciousness of anything or itself, there is an infinite, impressionless unconscious tranquil state.

When the whole ,eher of impressions through all stone species have been exhausted, the soul starts associating itself with forms of the metal kingdom, and so forth through evolution.

God Speaks

A must read for the people who want to understand the spirituality and different planes of existence. When consciousness reaches the fourth planeit finds itself in a very particular state. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To ask other readers questions about God Speaksplease sign up. Each soul passes through the experiences of all beings: God Speaks takes a strictly nondualist approach in explaining the universe and its purpose, carefully clarifying and syncretising terms as it takes the reader through the spiritual journey of the atma soul through its imagined evolutionreincarnationand involutionto its goal, its origin, of Paramatma Over-soul.

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And that God is love and Meher Baba is God.

The author terms “The Beyond the Beyond State of God” as the infinite, unconscious, tranquil state of pure essence. This new contact creates very strong desires to make use of this huge potential. To give you an idea Book by Baba, Meher. So, in the fifth and sixth planes, predominant is the soul’s love for God, as lover of the divine Beloved.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Books by Meher Baba. Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, God in human form.

Retrieved from ” https: While Meher Baba declared “I come not to teach, but to awaken”, [3] and did not prescribe intellect as a path to perfection, in God Speaks Meher Baba goes deeper into the subject of metaphysics than other Indian spiritual masters.

It starts hearing subtle sounds and smelling subtle scents, although their nature is far different from their gross equivalents. In the fish form, consciousness asserts itself as a creature with voluntary movement in water, but still in a horizontal manner.

We have opened a message board to honro those who have got this far and for those who want to go deeper into interdependent truths or should we say the truth of interdependence. In this state they are “abiding in God” or “they are God”. During the interval between death and birth, the soul experiences intensively an unfolding of the impressions collected, so depending on what quality these impressions have been of virtue or vice, good or badthe consciousness of soul experiences either a heaven state or a hell state.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In the vegetable forms, increased consciousness asserts itself through a vertical position and is depended on soil and rock to hold an upright position.

Dec 29, Talat rated it it was amazing Shelves: Editing of the second edition ended on 10 September This is a very difficult and challenging book that can not be understood in a purely intellectual way. The fourth plane is a transitional point between planes three and five in that at this level soul’s acquire psychic and magical abilities which one must renounce in order to advance.

The supplements including notes from Baba’s teachings and footnotes explaining many of the concepts in terms of Sufism, especially the poetry of 14th-century Sufi master Hafiz. The first three planes belong to the subtle sphere, the fourth is on the threshold between the subtle and the mental spheres and the fifth and sixth planes are in the mental sphere.


But not only is it Baba’s major book, it is his only book. We have a connection to that eternity, and it our journey on earth to find union with our eternal non-self Meher Baba’s enlightening treatise adds much to the sum total of learning and contributes incalculably to the enrichment of mankind for, as the sages of Asia teach, the most intrinsically valuable of all riches, and greater than all mundane wealth, is Right Knowledge.

This is the ultimate goal of life: I was surprised to find that I already knew most of what’s in here, from the “zeitgeist,” if you can call it that. Dec 01, Eruch Adams rated it it was amazing Recommends bg for: How universe works and how The man called God controls the power to negotiate with us. I understand that this book was written with a particular rhythm in mind and even though the beginning seems redundant, it’s completely intentional.

Eruch completed his writing work in July When was I less by dying? Each of these states is an eternal state for the consciousness which has overcome all illusion.

Yet the soul cannot bridge this final gap by itself. Published August 1st by Sufism Reoriented first published From 10 July to the end of his life, Meher Baba maintained silence, communicating by means of an alphabet board or by unique hand gestures. Throughout this process, every time the soul associates itself with a particular form, it collects through this medium impressions of the gross world.

Synopsizing this concept in God Speaks biographer Charles Purdom writes, “In the beginningless beginning, in the beyond the beyond, God Is in absolute sound sleep. The science is trying to prove the existence of God.

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