Gregory Palamas: The Triads. THE CLASSICS OF WESTERN SPIRITUALITY SERIES. Gregory Palamas: The Triads. Edited with an introduction by John. Read the full-text online edition of The Triads (). Gregory Palamas () monk, archbishop and theologian was a major figure in fourteenth-century Orthodox Byzantium. This, his greatest work, presents .

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Gregory regards the light or radiance as divine, but it is less clear that he fully equates this light with sanctifying grace.

Gregory Palamas and St. Of course the rejection of Platonic type of mysticism was traditional practice for the Fathers. Andrew Youssef rated it it was amazing Jun 30, PG, IV, That palaams to say, God is non-being in that He is triass on the same plane as those things we call beings, whether in physical existence or in thought, since He is the source of all existence and even of all concepts.

The Triads by Gregory Palamas

In his anti-hesychastic works Barlaam held that knowledge of worldly wisdom was necessary for the perfection of the monks grevory denied the possibility of the vision of the divine life. Paperbackpages. BQX B99F45 Apr 11, Joseph Olivares rated it it was amazing. It is something that really exists from eternity, and is not just an experience created for our benefit. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica1a, 19, 1. Yet even these attributes as manifested in the world are considered ontologically prior to the world, and as still appertaining plamas the Divine Essence.


The virtues are truly of the Divine Essence and not something separable from it, but even heavenly participation in them does not give an exhaustive comprehension of God, for He is absolutely limitless. This divine glory or energy, which is at once what is seen and that by which one sees, is proper to God, revealing something of the Divine Essence. It is always energetic i.

This, his greatest work, presents a defense in support of the monastic groups known as the “hesychasts,” the originators of the Jesus Prayer. Donovan Symeon rated it really liked it Jun 15, The question of created or uncreated grace builds up another wall separating the East and the West alongside the Filioque clause and others, thus, preventing any real union in the future.

This last statement may seem to imply some subordination within God, as though some of His attributes were caused by something more fundamental to His being.

The ground was fertile. An Gregorry can speak to a common soldier gregort raising him to the rank of general 3. New Advent Website http: Nonetheless, if it were accepted that the glory contemplated by the angels really is divine energy, it would seem necessary that this should be by divine power, since the energy trads substantially of the absolutely transcendent Essence.

Triads (Gregory Palamas)

Such intellection may precede spiritual union. For this reason, we rightly name God by each attribute e. He asserts, quoting Maximus: Archived from the original on Recall that energeiaper Aristotle, who coined the term, is an actualization or perfection of an essence. Yet the existence of God is metaphysically necessary, so He is pure act in the order of existence, without any potentiality. Skendrick rated it it was amazing Nov 08, If the Divine Essence is not God, then what is it?


To extricate himself from this difficulty, Palamas admits that the existence of the powers is created, i. John rated it it was amazing Jul 26, It raises the question: God-in-action is Divine Energy, which is substantially the Essence, but manifested in the world as distinct operations or attributes.

Here he actually departs from the theology of Denys, who held that divine light is transmitted from higher to lower choirs of angels. This act, as manifested in the world—i.

That trizds, as something proper to God, is indistinguishable from the Divine Essence. Contents A Philosophy does not save. Since the powers are utterly transcendent, they have no determination of being, i.

Gregory Palamas – The Triads in Defense of the Holy Hesychasts

It was maintained by the Hesychasts to be of divine origin and to be identical to the light which had been manifested to Jesus’ disciples on Mount Tabor at the Transfiguration. The theology of the Superessential should not be construed as a merely apophatic construction, defining God in terms of what He is not. Who would deny that God can do this? There is certainly no real distinction in the order of essence.