This is the first installment in the “12 Weeks at Greyskull” series of eBooks which will follow a hypothetical trainee through twelve grueling weeks of programming. Owner: Greyskull Barbell. . October will bring the next two 12 weeks at Greyskull books, “Mastodon” and “Ripped to Mastodon should release later today. Combat Veteran Paratrooper 11 bang bang. Author, Coach, Influencer. Agent of Change. Owner: Greyskull Barbell. PA, USA, Worldwide.

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Originally Posted by cumminslifter.

Now he did this while performing much more work in a specified time frame. A simple approach to this is simply adding lbs to the bar until we reach out working weight. Before you just go picking exercises to plug in, I want you to stop and think about your goals. He discusses that trainees can in fact get big and strong, yet do so with athletic body fat and conditioning levels by using short, intense conditioning workouts. What the hell is the point of lifting the weights so hard if you are just going to turn around and make terrible food choices and grow your man boobs as faster than your biceps?

In any case the idea of changing your geryskull is something that I discuss frequently with my Coaching clients.

Why isnt everyone here doing “Greyskull LP” ? – Forums

At some point he hated what he saw in the mirror and when he asked for advice on getting past sticking points on the lifts…. Log in to Reply. This is ok and human nature. Now on Friday he can attempt that weight one more time. I recommend anything above 12 reps on the last set for all lifts mastodin deadlifts, to double the increase. For those of you who are uneducated, the Greyskull LP is a linear progression that differs from other LPs; it reduces the squatting frequency a significant change in itselfchanges exercise order, and adds in various twists like going for max reps on the last set of each exercise.

On page 36 he simply says to make an educated guess as to the weight to start with and to pick a weight that you mastodln fail on between 8 and 10 reps.

Well Johnny would back the weight off quite a bit and restart blasting away on incline pushing the last set until failure every time. Then switch to Mastodno afterward.


The above sounds good, although being a beginner and a little heavy, I reckon I’d struggle on the chin ups. Being a social person by nature I enjoy such excursions, particularly in new environments and around new people. But for those that have reached a certain point, Johnny has his trainees perform the warm up sets as described above and then perform just the money set at working weight for AMRAP.

Eventually the HS students he trained started asking if they could perform resets to gain muscle. No matter the exercise chosen the session must be intense and must have a 10 min time limit. May jump to this after I’m done with Body Spartan as my fall running will crank back up. If they are physique oriented, then pick those the well help bring up lagging body parts. I figure I should do this before trying to compete in it. With a progression of 5lbs a week, this still adds up to lbs or so in 6 months.

Bought the book from Amazon. In the end, you are going to have to figure what works best for you within the guidelines of the program. Use Burpees to reduce body fat See villain Challenge 1 2. As someone that has been out of rugby for a year and is now trying to get stronger smaller weakness, but a weakness while also focusing on conditioning my biggest weakness which would you recommend?

Good read for anyone who doesn’t know where to start or anyone who doesn’t know why things are planned the way they are planned!

Better nutrition from whole foods leads to be results in both strength and physique goals than a gallon of milk ever could. Its simple, less frequency, more intensity with the final set and slowly adding weight will prolong the progress and over a 6 month time will allow the trainee to make more progress then he would have on one of the aforementioned programs.

From there we collaboratively identify your tasks to accomplish and I get to work laying out the course of action to get you excelling in those areas with a quickness. Tired of your shoulders looking small and puny, well choose high incline press and get strong as shite on it and you will fix this problem.

Also a heavy squat or deadlift session is going to tax the core in ways nothing else can, this can and will affect your press, period. Also the GSLP is not a set in stone program and is more a set of principles and allows the user to choose specific plug ins to reach their specific goal. Rippetoes books Practical Programming greysoull the accompanying Texas Method program also introduce this concept, but they do it in such a complicated way that many lifters can never grasp the concept.


Thanks for the help. The more conservative we are with our weight increases the longer we can sustain progression. This can be in the form of incline walking, weighted vest walking, greskull marching, or just plain ole strolling around the neighborhood at 5 am. I was recently reminded of these words during a conversation with a friend about the differences between spending and investing ones time, and between producing and consuming, being a man of value.

A number of reasons, including the fact that I like my current program.

Now I need to decide what program route to go next. This book looks amazing, this has to be tied for second along with the LP as my favorite publication StrengthVillain has done.

The Greyskull LP is not just a maztodon program. So lbs would be our starting weight. November 23, Categories: At that point they are done. So many of you reading this will be saying, yea well what happens after I reset and I get stuck again and then again…. Use situps and variants to increase core strength 3.

The Greyskull LP

Burpees done throughout the day will keep you burning fat like crazy. Whether you want mqstodon gain muscle or lose fat, there is a variation for you on the GSLP program. March 20, Categories: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Please read this article to understand the importance of the body weight training in the GSLP program. Build brute greysmull, and watch yourself develop an imposing, balanced physique as the weeks go by.

Instead of performing the traditional 2 feeder sets at working weight, they simply warm up and hit the for as many reps as they can possibly get.