tages of this account of indicative conditionals, and in section. 5 I reply to on Grice’s Views about the Logical Particles of Natural Language,” in Prag- matics of . if it is a valid inference, then the indicative conditional conclusion must be logically 3 H.P. Grice, in his William James lectures, 4 pursued the first of these . conditionals, but not those of indicative conditionals, are known to be false or at . of this view include Lewis [], Jackson [], [], and Grice [a]. 6.

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Rani Lill Anjum, Paul Grice on Indicative Conditionals – PhilPapers

Thomas Bayes wrote:. And one can come up with equally unappetizing consequences. The if in always if …, sometimes if …, and the rest is on a par with the non-connective and in between … and …with the non-connective or in whether … or …or with the non-connective if in the probability that … if. Then we discover that at least one of them is at home nothing stronger.

Call a set of mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive propositions a partition. One is the content of a supposition. In particular, you don’t know whether A. After all, it is spatially and temporally more similar, more similar in terms of the amount of fuel in the tank, more similar in its likely causes and consequences, etc.


The antecedent of the conditional is indeed treated as an assumption. It contains no conditionals. Was my remark true or false? Nor is there any direct evidence for Jackson’s theory. The four lines below represent the four incompatible logical possibilities for the truth values of A and B. These are adequate synonyms. Any propositional attitude can be held categorically, or under a supposition.

I can think it’s highly likely that if you strike the match, it will light; but highly unlikely that if you grife it in water and strike it, it will light. As well as conditional statements, there are conditional commands, promises, offers, questions, etc. This point cpnditionals made in more detail by Edgingtonpp.

That’s enough to know that if x isn’t red, y is red. Here are three consequences: On this proposal, in these circumstances the conditionals are clearly, definitely false, and should be completely rejected, and hence not something one should be close to certain of.

Indicative Conditionals

Find it on Scholar. See Stalnaker’s letter to van Fraassen published in van Fraassenpp. Science Logic and Mathematics. We cannot consistently have their premises highly probable and their conclusion highly improbable.


Note that for indicattive bivalent proposition, belief that it is true coincides with belief that it is true rather than false.

You don’t have any stronger belief about the matter. See also David Barnett Sign in to use this feature. We can, perhaps, ignore as unimportant the use of indicative conditionals in circumstances in which we are certain that the antecedent is false.

At any stage in a conversation, many things are taken for granted by speaker and hearer, i. You don’t touch it. This has unappetizing consequences.

That is, she acquires a reason to think that if she presses it, there will be an explosion; and hence a reason not to press it. Truth conditions or not, valid indicatkve obey the probability-preservation principle. That is how the trick is pulled: The Gricean phenomenon is a real one.