Shri Hanuman Prashnawali. Method – Think of a question. Be as specific as possible, placing the question in a close-ended context: eg. “Will I get a promotion. Ramacharitamanas Prashnavali created by poet saint Tulsidas is a divine gift to mankind and is the best way to get instant answers to your questions. हनुमान प्रश्नावली का प्रयोग करने के लिए सर्वप्रथम अपने मन में अपने प्रश्न को दोहराए | तत्पश्चात किसी एक अंक को क्लिक.

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To avoid troubles observe fasting on Tuesdays Visit Hanuman temple and do Hanuman manta jap for success.

Observe Durga Saptasati path Be patient and stay confident until the clouds clear away in due course. Under the indecisive moments of life, we wish to find the right answers to some critical questions arising in our mind. Do Ramnam jap continuously and you are bound to hear the good news very soon. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily to get your wishes fulfilled 4. Donate jiggery and chickpeas to cows on Tuesdays Observe fast on Thursday This is not the right time to start your work.


All your desires are bound to be fulfilled in a very short time.

>Online Prashnawalis- Hanuman Prashnavali

Read the Baal Kand Path from Ramacharitamanas Be prepared with worship of Rama. Be prepared to receive the lucky angel. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo.

Sign In to earn Badges. You will get success in your career.

We are often struck at some points without a clear route to proceed. Your own kith and kin are going against you hanumn conspiring. Read the Bajrang Bang Path 7.

Hanuman prashnavali chakra HINDI NEWS

Wait for sometime 5. To seek most benefits of worshipping Lord Hanuman, this Hanuman Jayanti, i.

There are many aspects that contribute to a good life — a good job, a happy family, a soul mate to share happiness and sorrows, children, home etc. You will gain good health and will be freed of your tension. To ensure your work done gets soon, chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily 4.


You will face some miseries due to your son. Observe a fast on Tuesdays 3. You will score with the prashnavlai. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily to get your wishes fulfilled.

Online Prashnawalis- Hanuman Prashnavali

Chant Sriram Nam five rounds of in Tulsi beads rosary The problems you face will last for a few days. Prashavali is the Trimurti important in Hinduism? New Year Luck Enhancement Puja: You will hear the news of conception. Stories you may want to read. A promotion is on the cards. Chant Bajrang Bali Path 7. Check on which number the cursor has stopped on.