Harry Lorayne, renowned brainiac, is most famous for his memory I bought a copy of Lorayne’s How to Develop a Super-Power Memory after. How to Develop a Super-Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is no such thing as a poor memory; only a trained or untrained one. Harry Lorayne proves it by showing that anyone can accomplish amazing memory.

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Give yourself 10 points for each telephone number that you list correctly. Technology should be used.

Or, you might see your win- Link Method of Memory 43 dow as a large telephone dial, and you have to lift the dial to look out the window. All the chapters will help you, and it is much better if you read from one to the other. Probably talking to a heel.

You also have to know a peg word for every card in a deck of cards. Anything you manage to remember, su;er have man- aged to remember, is only due to the fact that you have subconsciously associated it to something else.

If it docs, then you must have studied music as a youngster.

The Link system is also used to help memorize long digit numbers and many other things. You’re breaking an egg, and a wrist watch falls out; or, you’re wearing an supee instead of a wrist watch. You might also like How to learn a new language, quickly Simple mnemonic devices to help you learn language quickly and easily. For “puff,” picture a ladies’ powder puff, and for “pipe” see a man’s smoking pipe.

How to develop a super-power memory

Z, s Turn away from this page and see if you remember the sounds from one to zero. Think of your memory as a sieve. If you are a cigarette smoker, you have seen a blue tax stamp on your pack of cigarettes each time you take it out to remove a cigarette. It proudly says, Although naturally, quite a lorayhe of research was necessary, I’ve discarded most of the technical ideas and thoughts be cause I found them difficult to understand and to apply myself.


You saw yourself sleeping in a gigantic bottle instead of a bed; the bed had a gigantic fish supdr on it; you were fishing, and catching chairs and you were flinging chairs through your closed window. Yet, some of these same children can remember the batting averages of every baseball player in the major leagues. Some of you will probably think it’s a bit silly for me to ask you to keep making sure of a simple phrase like that, but it’s important for you to be absolutely aware of what it says.

Keep in mind that you can’t beat a man at his own game.

How to develop a super-power memory

memlry The more you trust it the more reliable and useful it will become. This will remind you that you have to get the car washed. Jan 24, Kother rated it it was amazing.

You are to do the same with the card words as you did with the number pegs. Aside from that, they are also wonderful memory exercises. However, if some of you did feel that the amount of stops was important or if you felt you would be questioned on that particular point; then you surely did know the answer to my first question, or remembered the number of stops that the bus made. You just can’t remember anything that you do 68 How to Train Your Observation not observe to begin with.

So eight people get off the bus. Typewritten m has three downstrokes. Again, simply because you were inter- ested or wanted to know that particular information. If you go over them just every once in a while, they’ll soon be as familiar to you as the numbers from one to one hundred.


You must answer this question correctly to win the top prize.

Sep 14, Alex Hui rated it liked it Shelves: Look them over once, then read on for the explanation of the exceptions, and lkrayne to picture some of the words.

If you want to take the time, it is a simple matter to strengthen your sense of observation. There are two more stops at which four passengers get off each time, and jarry fares get on at one stop, and none at the other. If you just want to improve your memory or want to become a memory athlete, this book is ideal as first step towards your goal.

Actually, when you memorize the second shopping list, the first one fades away. The poer time you see this person, check yourself. See either of these pictures in your mind for memor mo- ment, then stop thinking of it. Of course, you can’t go around looking for violent scenes to observe — but, you can practice in this way: Memory is so useful, and I have found that by learning the systems in the book, not only do I now have the tools to remember faces, names, long numbers, lists, etc, my true memory has also improved.

How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne

They’ll suoer even know how lorayn money this woman had. The memory, in many ways, is like a muscle. None of the vowels, a e i o or u have any meaning at all in the phonetic alphabet; neither do the letters w, h or y. These would probably serve you just as well, but you might pick some words that would conflict with some of the words that you will eventually leam for other purposes.