Hercolubus Or Red Planet has ratings and 56 reviews. Jen said: My favorite work-acquired book. Crazy, crazy ramblings. The best bits are about the Ve. I read Hercólubus or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolú because I was curious to see if the author was riding the coattails of the Mayan/Nibiru cataclysm prophecy. Hercolubus or Red Planet [V. M. Rabolu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An important message and the need to warm humanity of the.

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I guess calling it garbage is a bit harsh, but read it and see if that’s called for or not. In he found the true Knowledge and struggled a lot polishing his skills and beliefs and today V. The book has no references so I assume that it is the author’s own ass from where his claims came from. Herolubus from ” https: It was an intriguing book, considering the fact that I read it herxolubus times and before the phenomena.

The author of this informative book was “V. Better he cares about poverty rather than published this kind of rubbi December 14, Uber with Pakistan Red Crescent. I am not frightening, but warning, because I am distressed about this poor Humanity.

Published by Book Guild first published November 1st But as for people like me, it’s a book that made my noggin hurt. People seeking the truth about Nibiru, Planet X, extraterrestrials, and the spiritual awakening. He describes that the fire within the Earth has already started to make contact with the water and cyclones have started to appear. A must read book.


Scientists distort the truth. Want to Read saving…. Aug 20, Heather Poinsett Dunbar rated it did not like it. Rabolu then describes the natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruptions.

Hercólubus – RationalWiki

And do you also want that book to be delivered at your doorstep and cost you nothing,no matter where you hercolubjs Thus, from the 70s and always in an altruistic and unselfish way he began the tiring task of publicly teaching the true wisdom through lectures, courses and congresses at international level.


Well I read this book which indeed is a pamphlet or better said a brochure about Astral traveling, space and the world coming to an end.

But seeing the need to warn Humanity of the coming catastrophe, I made a great effort. Sea creatures have been gestated and nourished with this atomic energy and will ascend on the coastal cities and hercolubsu everything. No, it’s not work like that. What are the predictions that have come true till date and how authenticative are they; mean to say how does it prove that it has already been indicated by the Author??

Hercolubus or red planet

It’s not that they have a great choice of actions — it’s either that, or claiming that there are multiple incoming planets. Too much unreasonable fact. Someone sent him a copy by mail.

Return to Book Page. I’ll believe what I want and be a “gringo. The author also mentions “Nuclear tests and the oceans”. They are controlled by switches. Said volume would mean it’s as large as Jupiter.

And of course those damn scientists ignore the truth. Rabolu describes the way they communicate, the way they dress and the way they express their feelings etc. He hercolubys the reader that through mantras and sleep the “astral plane” can be achieved and we can go wherever we want and learn everything we would ever want to know.

I tried one of them and I must say, the sensation when you leave the body for th It was an intriguing book, considering the fact that I read it many times and before the phenomena. Either we argue for what we have in our memory or just blindly follow the simple steps given in the book to find the truth for ourselves.

Five stars for not knowing what the hell I just read. Even he felt sickness he wanted us to be inform. Wait, to answer that question see the ending the book.

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To ask other readers questions about Hercolubus Or Red Planetplease sign up. The book is very inventive hedcolubus a rather uninventive Jetsons-but-more-conservative way, and reminded me a bit of the unfounded assumptions about other planets featured in pulp novels like the John Carter series, but instead of telling a gripping adventure tale, we just get baffling details about planets that the author found while astral projecting.

Oh but wait, the author soon changes his mind, as they’re hercolubuss the same because they’re heavier and dress in soldier uniforms. After reading his review, I couldn’t resist. But hell man, I heard on P! I ended up giving it one star to reflect the garbage it contains, but let me assure you it’s the most amazing, 5-star garbage you will ever read.

I tried one of them and I must say, the sensation when you leave the body for the first time while watching yourself on the bed, it was marvellous. When in danger, they press a main button, which you can imagine is like a buckle we have on our belt.

He also summarizes the most plant spiritual exercises to practice in order to awaken and avoid the fate of unconscious masses.

I would like to give 4 stars for the excellent gleaning which will lead to open the curiosity of the reader about life, planets, and self consciousness. Well then, we sure wouldn’t want any carefully-documented observations of nature and logical explanations to get in the way of the truth, so let’s see what V.

The author starts out with telling the reader about a “sun sized planet” making it’s way toward earth. The first paragraph really sets the mood: The author died in so the fulfilment of his very short-term prophecy keeps fading ever so dimmer.