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During the night Theodras sent half of his army towards Damascus to launch a surprise attack on the Muslim garrison. The Prophet had informed the people of the martyrdom of Zaid, Ja’far and Ibn Rawaha before the news of their death reached. Umar and his senate identified this act as misuse of state treasure, though not hazratt punishing as to lose one’s office, Khalid was already warned not to act alone, he should walesd permission from his commander or Caliph for such actions.

Khalid ibn al-Walid – Wikipedia

Khalid ibn Al-Walid reported that the fighting was so intense, that while fighting, he broke nine oof in the battle. Abu Qatada Ansari, a companion of Muhammad, who accompanied Khalid from Medina was so shocked at Malik’s murder by Khalid that he immediately returned to Medina, and told Abu Bakr that he refused to serve under a commander who had killed a Muslim.

Fishbein, Albanypp. After his past experiences Heraclius had been avoiding pitched battles with the Muslims.

Khalid destroyed the statue as khallid as the shrine and killed those who resisted. Khalid respectfully greeted Muhammad and took the pledge of allegiance on him. A small Muslim army under Khalid ibn al-Walid lay siege to the city of Bosra, decisively defeating a larger army of Byzantines and Christian Arabs.

But it is not people who do; It is Allah who does Khalid turned those skirmishing tactics into something that could be used anywhere.

During which he is said to have collected a few hairs of Muhammad as a holy relic, believing that they would help him win his battles.

As Khalid was the architect of most of the early Muslim military doctrines, [] he was also the khalic of almost every major tactic that Muslims used during Early Islamic conquests.

Meanwhile, Heraclius had concentrated a large army at Antioch to roll back Syria. The latter two were captured after the Battle of Qaryatayn and the Battle of Hawarin. Khalid’s tombstone depicts a list of over 50 victorious battles that he commanded without defeat not including small battles. The women took to the streets, led by the women of the Banu Makhzum Khalid’s tribewailing and beating their chests. Entire troops of Khalid would ride on camels while on march, whereas the Mongols used horseswith the difference that the Arabs did not make use of mounted archers.


During nightfall, Khalid sent some columns behind the main army, and the next morning prior to the battle they were instructed to join the Muslim army in small bands, one after the other, giving ot impression of a fresh reinforcement, thus lowering the opponent’s morale.

Khalid ibn al-Walid

There, he fought them and ordered killing of all the captives, which was met with opposition and protests from other Muslims. He bypassed Damascus while crossing a mountain pass which is now known as “Sanita-al-Uqab” “the Uqab pass” after the name of Khalid’s army standard. Farewell, a long farewell to Syria, my fair province. He immediately wrote a letter to Abu Ubaidah asking him to bring Khalid in front of the congregation, his turban, and take off his cap.

In a council of war he suggested that Abu Ubaidah draw all the Muslim armies to one place so as to fight a decisive battle with the Byzantines. The Battle of Yarmouk is considered to be one of the most decisive battles of history. After subduing these desert forts, Khalid’s army moved towards Bosraa town near the Syria – Arabia border and the capital of the Arab Christian Ghassanid kingdom, a vassal of the eastern Byzantine Empire.

The Prophet said, “Zaid took the flag as the commander of the army and was martyred, then Ja’far took histroy and was martyred, and then Ibn Rawaha took it and was martyred.

14.Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi

He won quick victories in four consecutive battles: A small Muslim Arab army confronts a larger joint force consisting of elements from the Byzantine Empire and allied Christian Arabs. Archived from the original on 27 September But after gaining victory, Muhammad visited him and treated his wounds which healed quickly. The Byzantine army was eventually defeated at the Battle of Fahl on the night 23 January The fortress of Bosra surrendered in mid-Julyeffectively ending the Ghassanid dynasty.

Or agree to the payment of the Jizya taxand you and your people will be under our protection, else you will have only yourself to blame for the consequences, for I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life.


However, the peace treaties were on Heraclius’ instructions to lull the Muslims and to secure time for preparation of defenses of Northern Syria. Emperor Heraclius had already left Antioch for Edessa before the arrival of the Muslims. Views Read Edit View history. AugustKhalid went to Daumat-ul-jandal and defeated the rebels in the Battle of Daumat-ul-jandalcapturing the city fortress.

Although it is believed that relations between Umar and Khalid, cousins, were always something short of cordial, both of them apparently harboured no ill-will towards each other.

List of battles of Muhammad. He added, “Then the flag was taken by a Sword amongst the Swords of Allah i. At this point Khalid and his hazgat guard came out of Emesa and devastated their army, attacking them from rear.

Having little hope of help from emperor, Antioch surrendered on 30 Octoberwith the terms that all Byzantine troops would be given safe passage to Constantinople. What you have now is far better than urrdu you had in life, for you are now with Allah. The battle was the greatest battle ever fought on Syrian soil up to that point, and is believed to be the tactical marvel of Khalid. You have won and got away safely. Atlas of the Quran. Meanwhile, Khalid received a call for relief from northern Arabia at Daumat-ul-Jandal, where another Muslim Arab general, Iyad ibn Ghanm, was being surrounded by rebel tribes.

Khalid ibn al-Walid MosqueHomsHisttory. Umar sent detachment of Muslim armies from Iraq to invade Jazira, homeland of the invading Christian Arabs, from three different routes. Submit to Islam and be safe. In he participated in the farewell hajj of Muhammad. He was able to maintain his heavily outnumbered army of 3, men against an army of 10, of waaleed Byzantine Empire and Ghassanid Arabs.

Khalid and his elder brother Hasham ibn Historry went to Medina to ransom Walid, but soon after he was histoty, Walid, amidst the journey back to Mecca, escaped and went back to Muhammad and converted to Islam. Khalid ibn al-Walid as a Meccan commander defeats Muslim force led by Muhammad.