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Hora RatNam

In even signs, the rulers are the Moon and the Sun. It is further said that even for tens of millions of Kalpas, one’s good and bad Karmas are not destroyed. Saliva, urine, semen, marrow and blood constitute watery tatva.

And my son, Saturn, is the servant. Ratnsm rules matters related to passion, sexual desires ‘etc. Necessary effort for entitlement is the law of destiny. And the agents or instruments will also be available on such lines as denoted by inevitable consequence or destiny. As per Vasishta, only a Brahmin is entitled to study the science of astrology which is holy and secretive. His eyes are beautiful.

Book 11. Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR

This equally applies to birth horoscopes cast for erroneously recorded times, induced births or based on wrong co-ordinates. Venus is swarthy in complexion ratna, Saturn is black.

Now stated are the “Plava” signs as per Kalyana Varma. Use of Planetary Colours: Our ancients had followed disciplinary way of writing text-books on astrology.


Astrology is in principle attributed to eighteen sages in ratnan. Head, face, arms; heart, abdomen, rafnam, bladder or lower abdomen, pelvisprivities, thighs, knees, shanks and feet denoted respectively by the 12 signs from Aries. Saturn, Mars ‘and the Sun are natural malefics. Seershodaya rising with headPrishtodaya rising with back and Ubhayodaya rising with both back and head. But the said planetary positions on their own do not as such produce any undue effects.

Offers during Vedic Fire Sacrifices are always done in the name of these deities. Yavanas explain Vargottama in a clear manner, thus. For even signs, the order of extent and rulers of Trimsamsa be reversed. Hence’ Brahmins should make efforts to ratnzm this science. Kings Nala and Yudhishtira lost their gambles while Lord Rama adored his father’s orders.

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn rtanam Pisces are feminine signs and are soft or benefic in nature. The term “Paataala” does not as such denote any effect in particular. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are known as Kendra, Chatushtaya and Kantaka the three terms mean angles. Out of the 4 Upachaya houses, the value increases in a progressive order thus the 3rd is of low importance and the 11th of the highest importance.

Such a Brahmin should have conquered his five senses, should be learned in other branches of the Sastrasshould be capable of remaining with the preceptor ratnwm a long duration and be a self-realized soul. Bala Bhadra’s Exception to Saturn: Out of these night-strong signs, excluding Gemini, the rest of the signs are Prishtodaya signs or the signs that rise with their hind part.


Thanks a lot for doing this. Neither these are ruled by the Sun and the Moon from Mars to Saturn the rulership goes in the manner, as shown in speculum What is dependent on Karma is Sthira. Lord Surya mentions in his Surya Jataka “I am the ruler of the first Hora of an odd sign while the Moon is the rtnam of the 2nd Hora thereof.

Laghu Jataka on Colours of Signs: From this; the importance of a planet in deep exaltation degree is established the 7th, from the sign of exaltation is the sign of debility, and the opposite horra of deep exaltation is the degree of deep debilitation.

Hora RatNam – Free Download PDF

Horx Scorpio is an even sign, the Trimsamsa of Venus should be marked in Taurus which is an even sign of Venus. Sruta Kirti an author so named also states thus: However, the combination shows the superiority of two or more planets in their respective deep exaltation degrees while the Moon is with strength.

Whichever planet has a second sign other than these has it as own sign.