The VitalSource Bookshelf application lets you perform a number of advanced functions with your VBK e-books. Since the VBK format is a proprietary format. Convert vitalsource-e books-to-pdf. 1. The Official Guide to Convert Vitalsource Bookshelf to PDF and Remove VBK DRM; 2. 1. What is. What I’d love to do is convert the DRM-controlled ebook and be able to read it on my kindle, instead of the bloaty VitalSource software. I saw a.

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But this app makes many people disappointed as Posted by Zhang Alice at Please wait patiently until the downloading completed. And don’t click on anything before the book was downloaded succeeded to your computer.

I tried ho these steps, but I only got the first page converted. If you are like, we can send you the software so that you can download the Vbk file. Ignore this restriction and just click on “continue” to go to the next step.

There will be a downloading progress bar on the top the window. Download and install Epubor VitalSource Downloader on your computer. You can contact epubor.

This software is under testing. Gotta agree with ED on this one, most windows computers already have the print to PDF feature, still doesn’t help with the page restriction on these E-Books.

This is not a real solution for books with several hundred pages though. The trial version of Epubor VitalSource Downloader can download the first 5 pages of the book. She learns professional knowledge about ebooks in Epubor and loves to share her know-how to all the ebook lovers!


The above mentioned methods are very complex and time-consuming, and you need to install so many software to achieve your goal. It will pop up a new window asking you to fill in the range of the pages you want to print.

The Easiest Way to Convert VitalSource VBK to PDF

Launch the program, sign in with your VitalSource BookShelf account, and you can see your purchased books are displayed in the library. Then download the books you want to print via VitalSource Bookshelf app. Very clean interface, right? After upgrading to Mac OS X If tehre is not answer you should remove your advise. Then all of your ebooks will be displayed in the main window. The textbooks downloaded via VitalSource Bookshelf app are saved in vbk files which can only be read on its own VitalSource Bookshelf software.

Then click on “Print”. Following all the suggested steps also on different books I still have the first page printed or if it says two pages only we have two pages printed NOT ALL!

The selection to be printed will be saved as a Ebooka.vbk in the location you specify. If you had any better suggestions, you are welcome to share these methods in the comments.

Now you can fill in the copies, pages you want to print. Go to VitalSource Bookshelf to download the desktop app and then install it on your Windows.


Convert eBooks from VitalSource Bookshelf to PDF

With this software, you can download the VitalSource books to pdf with one click. This virtual printer will clnvert you print files as regular printer, but the result will be a PDF, viatlsource a real paper. We too followed ALL your proposed steps but we got only one or two pages. She will send you the Beta version so that you can have a try. After downloading the book, it will be saved in PDF file on your computer on the premise that the original book your purchased from VitalSource is a PDF file.

It won’t remember your account info unless you allow to do that. If you are a trial version user, please close the registration window and use Epubor VitalSource Downloader directly. By contrast, VitalSource Bookshelf only lets you print limited pages mostly pages at a time. Our technical team vitalsourrce writing a new software to download the VBK books. Where does the Android device store Audible audiobooks?