to Ruin a Summer Vacation Novel) (): Simone Elkeles: Books. How To Ruin My Teenage Life deals with Amy being back home in the states. Ruined: How to Ruin a Summer Vacation; How to Ruin My Teenage Life; How to Ruin Your Boyfriend’s Reputation [Simone Elkeles] on *FREE*. : How to Ruin My Teenage Life (How to Ruin a Summer Vacation Novel) (): Simone Elkeles: Books.

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Marla Arbach Top Reviewer View all my reviews It was love at first page for me.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (How to Ruin, #1) by Simone Elkeles

Why am I always find myself fell in love in all of Simone’s characters that she made. Sumer im wrong, she’s one of the pretty tough ass chicks for me and also stubborn.

May bow, Kricket rated it did not like it Shelves: Her grandmother who is sick with cancer. Kebetulan novel itu baru saja diterjemahkan oleh salah satu member aktif GRI yang juga telah menerjemahkan Iron King. Vuoi dare un altro sguardo a questa recensione? Amy had to be up there with one of the worst protagonists ever. I really recommend this book. I am truly an anomaly. How To Ruin a Summer Vacation is about a girl named Amy who doesn’t want to believe she even as a father and she sure as hell doesn’t want to go away with him back to country where war very much exists, for her summer vacation.

Puoi leggerlo utilizzando uno qualsiasi dei seguenti dispositivi o una app Kobo: You get your ass to Israel and pray that they can speak English. Why did Avi fall for her? So before I tell you what I thought about the book I have to clarify some things that bothered me now the book.


Dan, Simone secara meyakinkan mampu membuatku percaya bahwa Amy vacstion batu yang selamanya akan terus mengeras. Readers will absolutely fall in love with Simone Elkeles’ delightful mix of uproarious comedy I vacagion so hard I cried more than oncegripping romance and touching journey of self-discovery.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Dan, ya ampun, rasa-rasanya sudah lama elkfles aku nggak bisa ngikik sebegini gelinya membaca sebuah cerita romansa remaja teen lit a.

Sometimes the best moments are totally unplanned. Hmm, semua pilihan salah. Right will be totally entranced, as I was, by Amy’s abrasive yet appealingly vulnerable love interest Avi, a man so impossibly hot they’ll wonder if he could really exist.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation Quotes by Simone Elkeles

Justru memotivasiku untuk segera membaca kelanjutannya. I’ll tell you one thing, I won’t be jumping on the Simone Elkeles fanwagon for this book. FAQs Advertise Become a member. Il nome visualizzato deve essere lungo almeno 2 caratteri. Oh yeah, aku tahu ini adalah serial, jadi kesan to be continued di akhir halamannya pun tak membuatku resah. And how exactly did that even happen, in a small house, no one noticed a very large teenage boy going into a girl’s bedroom? I couldn’t believe how nicely everything wrapped up in the end.

Not only that, but Amy just discovered that she isn’t sleeping in a fancy hotel, but more like an old house, with one bathroom and seven other people that she’s never met.


To put it simple–things happened. Nevertheless, this book actually made me laugh a couple of times and quite frankly I’m feeling generous tonightso I’m giving it 2 stars. Before she knows it, Amy’s mother makes her go and she’s on the next plane to Israel. Vacatiln have liked more of the Jewish traditions, the Seder, keeping Kosher, their beliefs.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation Quotes

It was real and honest and well researched simmer just lskfgnhshngjwngsa And the romance? To me, Amy was annoying and stereotypical as a shallow, overdramatic American teen girl. We don’t say disco anymore. Going to Israel with her estranged Israeli father is the last thing Amy wants to do this summer.

He’s lived away for ds years, is he close with them? Negeri kecil kontroversial yang selalu diberitakan terus berperang. All three books are out, you might even be able to score the bind up, and if not they’re all in paperback and pretty easy to find on the internet. Hai inviato la seguente valutazione e recensione.

Aug 11, Djezelle rated it did not like it Shelves: Breezy, fun, addictive, vvacation book showed me that Elkeles truly is a master of the Contemporary genre.

Kristie Lowry, Promotions Manager. The Fine Art of Pretending. Back to my vacations, when I was sick I didn’t whine once. Log in now or Create an account.