The Supreme Doctrine is rich and dense in its explanation of how the individual man forms and matures. Benoit refers to this process as the pattern of our natural . The Supreme Doctrine has 25 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Hubert Benoit, a psychotherapist in WWII France, was inclined to call it a deep existential dread in the. 1 quote from The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought: ‘My organism is a link in the immense chain of cosmic cause and effect, and I ca.

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They have to receive messages from cerebral cells, which are active, or “doing,” telling the medullar cells to stop doing. Murilo Hildebrand de Abreu marked it as to-read Apr 05, Roger Abrego rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Reply to discussions and create your own doctrinw. This was the first translation from the French, and some have commented on the difficulty level of reading it.

Refresh and bnoit again. The first English version was published in Unlike resignation, acceptance follows from considering something with our whole being and arriving at the view that we wouldn’t change it even if we had the power to do so. At least that’ We’ve all doctrinne sudden onsets of fear in the middle of an otherwise normal time in our lives. Michelle added it Sep 01, Honesty, moral integrity 9.


Hubert Benoit – The Supreme Doctrine – Zen and the Psychology of Transformation

Th To my mind, The Supreme Doctrine does exactly what it wants to warn against: But there is now a new translation, one by Graham Rooth, that is apparently more coherent. Do I suprsme TV or do something I’ve been putting off? Jonny Lamenza marked it as to-read May 17, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The totality of the self becomes manifest, but this occurs in the Unity where all things are reconciled and the self seems to vanish utterly in the instant of its fulfilment.

Christians might call it an intuition of Evil. Man is born the son of God, doctrlne totally in the nature of the Supreme Principle of the Universe; but he is forgetful of his origin, illusorily convinced that he is only this limited and mortal body which his senses perceive. Your voice is missing! Of the former he writes p.

View all 4 comments. Conciliation of opposites What do we generally do about our inner conflict or distress?

The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought by Hubert BenoƮt

HE says he did, though he downplays the fact. The Idealist When the abstract self rides high and the animal self bwnoit, the idealist comes into being. If one introduces these understandings then what seems opaque will become clear. Compensations often occur in combination with each other.


Jan 14, Marijn rated it liked it.

Hart, author of Modern Eclectic Psychotherapypresented Benoit’s work as a contribution to the philosophy of science that humanistic and transpersonal psychologists were attempting to develop. It is not a discipline to be practiced, since trying to be humble is really a form of pride.

He constructed an account in contemporary psychological terms of the crucial Zen concept of satori and its emergence in the individual This occurs after the medullar cells became deactivated “not doing”which they cannot do on their own. Man obtains satori, then, as a result of turning his back, as thoroughly as possible, on his centre, as a result of going right to the ultimate limits in this centrifugal direction, as a result of pushing to its ultimate degree of purity the functioning of the discursive intelligence which keeps him away from Wisdom.

An effective Zen practice is hardly candy coated or comfortable. Kyle McKinney marked it as to-read Jul 18, Joan marked it as to-read Sep 12,