Visit ‘s Hugh Schonfield Page and shop for all Hugh Schonfield books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Hugh Schonfield. Hugh J. Schonfield has 64 books on Goodreads with ratings. Hugh J. Schonfield’s most popular book is The Passover Plot. There is probably no other figure in modern Jewish historical research who is more controversial or famous than Hugh J. Schonfield, who once said: “The.

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Hugh J. Schonfield – IMDb

Several of them have said to me, ‘You ought to have kept this just among ourselves, you know. His main point is that we can only begin to understand how Jesus saw himself if we learn more about the messianic beliefs that were very strong in his schpnfield and place.

Hugh Schonfield, distinguished British Jewish scholar and diplomat, conceived the civilized world’s need for a new “independent and Paul’s kingdom was not of this world, whereas that of James definitely was.

Several chapters in, schonfielf is approaching the life of Jesus as though Jesus were a mortal man who simply, and sincerely, believed himself to be the messiah.

In his opinion, a lot of what we associate with the Christian faith was schonfielx developed by Paul and the other early church fathers. Like later kabbalists Abraham Abulafia and Schnfield Sevi, whose studies had led them to the belief in their own messiahship, Saul decided he was the one.


Apr 21, Rhonda rated it it was ok Shelves: Schonfield, Proclaiming the Messiah: English Choose a language for shopping. Those critics of The Passover Plot who pegged Schonfield as an unbeliever did not read him carefully. Kim, first president of the Unification Theological Seminary, who had first believed himself to be the Messiah until he met Sun Myung Moon and deferred to the latter’s messiahship instead.

Jan 17, John rated it liked it.

In the end he had created a new religion, the Christian religion. Retrieved from ” hug This aimed to show without idealised interpretation the meaning intended by the writers while maintaining the original structures.

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The Passover Plot by Hugh J. Schonfield

May 26, Elizabeth rated it liked it. I want to read this a second time to absorb all the ideas that are tossed around. Schonfield it was ok 2. The scientist is catapulted back in time and makes contact, but fails to educate the Inventor despite his best efforts.

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He presents no original ideas of his own. Schonfield makes his case by appealing to passages selected from Romans 11 and Ephesians, and this makes his argument still more problematical. All this is only hinted at in Proclaiming the Messiah. In The New Hebrew Typographypublished inhe argued for a revised version of the Hebrew alphabet modeled after the Latin Alphabet, including a capital-lowercase distinction, no final forms, a vertical emphasis, and serifs.

Jesus saw himself as the Messiah spoken of in the Old Testament; but what does that mean?


Books by Hugh J. Schonfield

No, he means only to tell us that Paul was not one of these Nazoreans. From schpnfield scholarly perspective, he is too dependent on the biblical texts themselves and too ready to stretch such ev I read this book prior to having read the bible in its entirety and, so, with a rather naive acceptance of Dr.

It seems perfectly plausible, that someone who has genuinely come to believe that he is “The Chosen One”, would also feel a duty to make any divine prophecies with regard to his mission come true. Aug 04, D Scullion rated it liked it. But the book was a seminal work when it came out that spawned discussions on the Manhood of Christ, a figure who has been largely recast in the mold of a real live Santa Claus by the post-Hellistic Christian world.

View all 6 comments. The Passover plot revolves around Jesus planning his own “resurrection” by resuscitation. No Sense of Scyonfield Richard Burton Explorer Jul 09, There is a huge amount of speculation in the book without much, if any, evidence to support it.

Jan 02, Mark rated it it was ok.