Use the options below to zoom in to a specific location. Click on the features in the map for additional information. Select a Game Land. Show Only with Dove. Watts discovered squirrel hunting on the Hyco Game Lands by coincidence. He was participating in a winter turkey hunt there and saw squirrels everywhere. Looking for some info on these game lands. Bird numbers, good areas, areas to avoid etc Ill be doing some field work for my company in that.

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Chris Teague is another Commission employee who worked at the Caswell Depot before moving to the Butner Depot recently. Last season the top 10 counties in total antlered buck harvest were: For hunting at Suggs Mill Pond, deer hunters must buy an over-the-counter permit for hunting with primitive weapons or apply for a lottery permit for modern firearms hunts. Hunters reported harvesting deer from Uwharrie, including antlered bucks. I posted boundary at Hyco Game Land, and I saw hardwoods all over, with the most promising for squirrel hunting along the bottomland hardwood areas and the upland ridges.

He finds and shakes vines that climb into trees; honeysuckle, Virginia creeper and grapevines are the best because they snag and hold many leaves from lanr trees.

Hyco Game Land on Powderhook

In District 6, Mecklenburg and Anson counties hco the abpsm category. He was participating in a winter turkey hunt there and saw squirrels everywhere.

This ratio is similar to previous seasons; was the last time that more than half the deer hunters decided to shoot were bucks. These tracts are accessed from Mayo Lake Rd.


It is open for deer hunting by permit only. When the lake level is low, he can walk the lake shoreline with ease, looking lamd hardwood trees.

Some are home to squirrel nests that are readily apparent, but others simply hide squirrels as temporary shelter when they spot approaching hunters. Publications Advertise Subscribe Favorite Links. District 1, Hertford, 2. But for some hunters, squirrel hunting has always been a way of life. This game land produced 12 deer, including seven antlered bucks. As discussed in last month’s issue, hemorrhagic disease lingering in some areas and a heavy acorn crop kept harvest numbers down for bucks, does and button bucks.

If you follow them upstream, you will find they are covered with hardwoods and full of squirrels. Order your subscription to Carolina Sportsman Magazine and Save!

‘Person-al’ Secrets

In nearby Person County, Hyco Game Land’s 4, acres produced 42 deer 17 fewer than inincluding 20 nine fewer antlered bucks.

A large portion of Mayo Game Land was removed for subdivision construction during recent years, therefore, hunters should lxnd careful about using. View other articles written Mike Marsh. But when Watts hunts squirrels intentionally, he takes along two long guns.

Hyco/Mayo Game Lands | North Carolina Hunting and Fishing Forums

Watts discovered squirrel hunting on the Hyco Game Hyci by coincidence. Whether that will help in recruiting and retaining hunters remains to be seen. Allen said a paved roadbed that used to cross the After Bay area before it was flooded is at the western side of the bridge across McGehees Mill Rd. Pisgah hunters harvested 62 more deer, including 72 more antlered bucks.

Hyco/Mayo Game Lands

The antlered buck harvest of 73, was down There are lots of mixed hardwoods and pines, but there are also plenty of oak-hickory ridges, which are even are better for squirrels. The top two counties in each district for abpsm included: In District 1, Bertie, Hertford and Gates counties have excellent deer habitat along the Chowan River and have a good mix of farmland and forestland on the uplands.


Pee Dee Game Land hunters harvested 94 29 more deer including 46 11 more antlered bucks. It was hard to let all those squirrels go while I was waiting for a turkey to come to hhco call.

Carolina Sportsman is the complete hunting and fishing magazine for Carolina. Some hunters continue asking the N.

No regulation changes occurred that would account for the small increase in the ratio of bucks to antlerless deer. The deer harvest suffered a severe decline during the hunting season see Part 1 of our deer forecast in the October Issue.

The total harvest decreased Hunters reported harvesting 30 deer 9 more at Suggs Millpond including 15 11 more antlered bucks. Master Hunter labs for sale. In District 4, Bladen and Brunswick counties topped the abpsm category.

Wildlife Resources Commission to enact a number of regulations that might change the buck-to-doe ratio in the harvest. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies. Another proposal is an extension of the two-buck rule in effect for the piedmont and mountains to coastal districts.

Another good place to try are the two northern parcels along the Virginia border. Subscribe Today and Save!!! These zones are on the Dunnaway Rd.