The IBM® System x M3 builds on the latest Intel Xeon processor technology with extreme processing power and superior energy-management and cooling. The x M5 has outstanding memory performance that is . centralized key management through IBM Security Key Lifecycle Management. The IBM® System x Type server is a 1-U-high1 rack model server for The System x server supports one of the following hard disk drive.

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This means less time and therefore less money spent servicing the x M3.

Features and specifications – IBM System x M3

Up to two six-core up to 3. Standard specifications Table 1. Intel Xeon series processors: Availability and serviceability The System x M3 provides many features to simplify serviceability and increase system uptime: The x M3 datasueet memory mirroring for redundancy in the event of a non-correctable memory failure.

If an environmental condition exceeds a threshold or if a system component fails, the IMM lights LEDs to help you diagnose ibk problem, records the error in the event log, and alerts you to the problem. The following table lists the virtualization options.

External disk storage systems The following table lists the external storage systems that are supported by x M3 and can be ordered through System x darasheet channel. The following table shows the option available for x M3 server to add four additional hot-swap drive bays.

Energy efficiency The System x M3 has an energy-efficient design with features including the following: The server has 18 DIMM slots. If there is no corresponding where-used model for a particular processor, then this model is only available through CTO. An FMV lease can help you get the solution you need now, with low monthly payments that better align upfront costs with the anticipated datzsheet on investment from the technology.


IBM System x M3 (Withdrawn) Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

The IBM ServicePac is a series of prepackaged warranty maintenance upgrades and post-warranty maintenance agreements with a well-defined scope of services, including service hours, response time, term of service, and service agreement terms and conditions. A complete setup solution, allowing adapter configuration functions to be moved into UEFI.

It will lower your IT risk with the resiliency that comes from having no single point of failure. Network adapters x M3 supports up to four integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports. The following memory protection technologies are supported: Storage host bus adapters The following table lists storage adapters supported by x M3 server. Decrease system temperature by 0. Standard models The following table lists the standard models.

Altimeter is to control fan speed based on atmospheric pressure. The server supports both 1. Processor Up to two six-core up to 3. Standard models have two riser cards installed, which provide a total of two PCI Express 2.

Features and specifications

In addition, a built-in altimeter provides more efficient power utilization and lower noise levels. Tape drive bays None. The remote presence feature provides the following functions: RDIMMs can be populated three per channel.


Thank you for your feedback. The server supports up to two processors. Power consumption and heat output vary depending on the number and type of optional features installed and the power-management optional features in use. Rack options The server supports the rack console switches and monitor kits listed in the following table.

Controllers for internal storage The following table lists the RAID controllers and additional options used for internal disk storage. The following table lists the PCI riser card options.

The x M3 uses hexagonal ventilation holes in the chassis. Not all covered types of ServicePacs might be available in a particular datashete. Depending on the server model, some features might not be available, or some specifications might not apply.

Low-voltage processors draw less energy and produce less waste heat than high-voltage processors, thus helping to reduce data center energy costs. Comprehensive systems management tools such as advanced diagnostics, a cable management arm, and the ability to control resources from a single point make it easy to deploy, integrate, service, and manage. Toolless slides ship with the server, together with a cable management arm CMAthat allows the rack server to easily slide dataseet place.