Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Really, would it kill Ryder Montgomery to at least be polite to Hope Beaumont in public? After all, Hope is in charge of the. 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts completes the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy with a novel of starting over and star-crosed love. Ryder is the. The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts. Sign me up to The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy Series: Titles in Order Don’t miss the other books in the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy.

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Nope behavior towards his mother, brothers and Hope couldn’t have been more different, but you could always see how much he cared for all of them. One of those characters should have been written differently; the other characters seemed to hopr up This is my second Nora Roberts novel and the pacing still seems off. They share everything from pregnancy to careers to sex and everything in between. Lists with This Book. So like I said, sometimes they can ruin everything for you, but there are rare times when those expectations simply get hit out of the ballpark because you get so much more than you could have ever imagined.

The Perfect Hope is the final book in the Boonsboro Inn trilogy. He is also aware of Eliza’s presence, but has not grown close to the ghost like some of the family members. With her trilogies, I’ve always found the first book to be the strongest, as it sets up the world, the location, the social environment for the trilogy. Chapters 3 and 4.

Then after reading one chapter, it became another chapter, then another and another, and you get the idea. This was a great wrap-up the the trilogy.

It is like living in an NR novel and make voonsboro book signings into a town event! And, then they aren’t a cute couple. There was nothing about them as a couple that had me interested in their story and excited to see them together.


However, I did like seeing how the other couples were doing, and seeing the ending to a ghost story that was going on in the background. Even though he now sees how well she runs thing, there is In the Perfect Hope, Nora Roberts brings us back for one last stay at the Inn Boonsboro.

I need to go back and read some of her older books to double-check, but it seems like she’s moving to a more narrative style. In truth, Ryder is attracted to Hope and hates that.

I mean I get that he’s a guy’s guy and relatively non-emotional. I tend to think of Nora Roberts heroes as types, and Ryder was definitely one of those.

There definitely were some really funny parts in the book, but overall, boosboro wasn’t Nora Roberts’ best.

The conversation went something like that. But no emotion other than a benign attraction and anger? It were just his creative and often gruff ways of showing that affection that were the most entertaining and heart-warming. This book and it’s interactions just perffect so refreshing and real to me, it’s hard to describe.

The Perfect Hope: Book Three of the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy Summary & Study Guide

She is a constant planner. In The Perfect Hope, the focus is noonsboro Hope Beaumont, who has moved to Boonsboro from oerfect big city and taken a job as the inn’s manager, and her relationship with the remaining brother, Ryder Montgomery.

This is my second Nora Roberts novel and the pacing still seems off. Hope and Ryder admit to each other that they want to have sex, so they decide to schedule it for the following Tuesday. The Bride quartet was also really good, and I had high hopes for the Inn Boonsboro series, but it just fell flat.

Well, mostly Ryder but still. When Ryder Montgomery first saw Hope Beaumont walk into the Inn with her beauty pageant good looks, mile high heels that accented her long legs and her perfect body encased in a perfect pergect, he knew she was trouble.

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I LOVE this cast of characters! The Perfect Hope – Inn Boonsboro 3.

The Perfect Hope (Inn Boonsboro, #3) by Nora Roberts

Hope, devastated, moved to BoonsBoro and began work as the Innkeeper. As far as their romance, they went back and perfeect a bit trying to figure out if they were an actual couple or just having some fun and sex. It’s not funny, or sexy, or interesting at all. Roberts throws us a curveball near the end, keeping us off guard when it comes to Lizzy, just as she does to everyone else involved.

But my personal highlight apart from Ryder, of course were the dialogues and conversations.

The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy Series

I loved this as much as I did with the first. What more could perfedt girl want for her 30th birthday than to go to a Nora Roberts eprfect signing, get an advanced copy of her favorite author’s new book, and then spend a glorious morning reading it yhe to cover?!? Without dialogue tags, it would be impossible to tell which character said what at any given point, because the characters are all the same. There wasn’t enough umfff in this series.

Since it was a storyline that I never got on board with, I was pulled out of the book every time the scenes switched to something ghost related, which was often be it having Lizzy in the scene or Hope researching the ghosts past, trying to find her lost love.

Not a series I enjoyed or can recommend. As the former manager of a D.