Because of all the attention this post got i wanted to create a new album with smooth looping gifs. Thanks for the support! Smooth album. Limber 11 is an easy to follow flexibility program created by Joe DeFranco. 11 effective stretching and mobility exercises that you can complete. Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 (flexibility routine) Be sure to check out the video here: ?v=FSSDLDhbacc 1.

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The Limber 11 ends with a deep leg stretch that hits the hip flexors, glutes, and thighs as a whole, including the quadriceps.

It can also be a game-changer for your squat depth. Cross the right leg over so your foot is on the floor in front of your left kneecap, balancing yourself with your left forearm and elbow on the floor. Once they touch down, reverse the motion under control and bring them all the way to the other side while you again turn your head. Irritation of this muscle can affect the sciatic nerve, causing pain and tingling down through the leg into the foot, so it pays to keep it limber.

Think about trying to bring your toes to the floor behind you as you go all the way back, your butt and lower back coming off the floor. Cross your right leg over the left thigh, with your left knee bent and foot deefranco on the floor. DeFranco’s online hits don’t lie. At this point, you want a neutral spine, sitting upright, with a solid core,” DeFranco adds.

Using your hands and planted foot to move, start rolling the ball up, down, and around your right glute. The adductors are multiple muscles collectively grouped under the title of “the groin,” including the adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, pectineus, and gracilis.


Isn’t the warm-up something most casual gym rats skip so they can defrancco right to the meaty, ego-stroking lifts?

This deffanco favorite isn’t just good for breaking recruits down into a weeping pile of flesh and sweat. Lower yourself so your right knee is bent and touching the floor, while your left leg is in a lunge position, foot flat on the floor, and knee at a degree angle.

Limber 11 Flexibility Routine |

Make a fist with your right hand and place it on the floor as well. Flex and extend the knee a few times while the roller is positioned on that spot. Both dedranco get worked in their own special defrannco, so pay special attention to your form. Place your arms straight out to each side, palms turned so they’re on the floor.

Contact the floor with your palms and hold the stretch for a count, then repeat the sequence.

By opening up these muscles, you’ll be able to move a oje more freely,” DeFranco says. Each rep, try to push a little further.

Limber 11 flexibility routine in GIF’s!

Begin in a narrow push-up position, which is similar to a plank except you’ll be on your hands instead of your forearms. Another stretch aimed straight at the groin, the Cossack squat will do wonders for the long adductors inside the thigh. Place the roller on the floor so that you can lie face down and have it on your left thigh.

Stand facing away from a flat bench or chair, and elevate your right leg behind you. The frog stretch is designed to improve the strength and mobility of that tender area. Admittedly, this exercise can be rather uncomfortable, but continue rolling for at least 30 seconds up to two minutes, lingering limher any particularly painful spots for a long moment.


Extra cruel Rumble Roller. At this point, you should already feel a bit of a stretch in your groin. Now, spread your legs out about inches wider than your shoulders and turn your toes so they’re pointed outward.

Limber 11: The Only Lower-Body Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need!

Begin by rolling backward. Place both hands on the floor behind you for balance.

After loosening up the gluteal area, this exercise aims higher on oimber kinetic chain, focusing on lumbar and thoracic spine mobility. Extra cruel Beastie ball.

The 11 exercises are arranged in a calculated sequence that starts off slowly and builds to bigger, more dynamic movements, all in the name of safety, injury prevention, and gradually getting ready for battle.

Rear-foot-elevated hip-flexor stretch reps hold sec. A foam roller and a lacrosse ball,” DeFranco says. Here, DeFranco walks through each of them one by one, explaining the key how-to’s, as well his latest tips and tweaks to get the most out of each. After rolling the outer thigh, you’ll hit the inner thigh, where the adductor muscles reside.

Roll slowly back and forth so the roller goes up and down your outer left thigh.