KiWAVE™ is a trademark of Keithley Instruments, Inc. All Keithley Instruments product names are .. Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 The exceptional signal quality of the Model is a result of its high resolution, . Refer to the Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual if it is not clear how to specify the waveforms. The figure below shows an.

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Keithley 3390 Adjustment Manual

Press the soft key under Type; then Storing the instrument state You NOTE can disable the voltage auto ranging function refer to ranging to Setting voltage auto prevent output disruption. If Secure AWG after calibrated keituley checked, the manual adjustment function will be locked by the secure code after calibration is completed.

The stored instrument state holds all the parameters for the selected function, including the waveform, frequency, DC offset, amplitude, duty cycle, symmetry, modulation type, and modulation parameters.

Instructions for setting up these We can get a better idea of quality of the square wave by look at the logarithm of the Fourier transform. Page 64 Section 5: Setup Basics Section 4: Page 23 Section 2 Front Panel In this section: Any unauthorized reproduction, photocopy, or use of the information herein, in whole or in part, without the prior written approval of Keithley Instruments is strictly prohibited. Press the Graph key to view the Got it, continue to print.


Waveform Output Operations 2.

In this system, associated commands are grouped together under a common root, and form subsystems. Observe the following precautions to maintain proper ventilation: You must have one of the following items installed on your computer: Page 60 Section 5: Each carrier waveform has its own acceptable range of frequencies. Another way to program a square wave is to first set 339 output function and then enable the output keithle this:.

The default carrier frequency is 1 kHz for all waveforms. Introduction Section 1 Introduction In this section: Waveform Output Operations Figure Waveform Output Operations Press the Graph key to view the waveform parameters in the graph mode.

Execution errors Error code Description Settings Introduction Introduction Error messages are issued when an incorrect command is sent to the Keithley Instruments Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Execution errors Error code Description The frequency deviation cannot exceed the carrier Data amnual of range; FM frequency. SCPI command summary Pattern output operation.

System Operations Performing self-test You can perform a self-test on the Model Controlling the system sound Press the soft keys corresponding with This command enables the output immediately. Query errors Error code Description Query Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.



Front Panel Section 2: Don’t have an account? Application Programs To select linear sweep: Model rear panel Kkeithley Topic Page Editing parameter values and settings Keithley Instruments technical support contact information is located here.

Refer to the topic for details. Setting DC offset voltage General maanual and settings The default internal modulating waveform is a sine waveform, but you can also select any of the following: Refer to Figuresfor additional information.

Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Navigation wheel, cursor keys, and numeric keypad Rear panel item descriptions If ieithley oscilloscpoe does not have a specrum mode, you can take a single shot and calculate the Fourier transform numerically. Section 1 Introduction In this section: Assure that the output is enabled. To generate a noise waveform: An invalid character string was received. Page 32 Section 3: Topic Page Front panel description Contains the current status of the hardware and firmware, is continuously updated, and is not latched or buffered.