Background The King-Devick (KD) test is an objective clinical test of eye movements that has been used to screen for concussion. , King-Devick Test. Patent-Pending. All Rights Reserved. Mayo and Mayo Clinic are registered trademarks owned by Mayo Foundation for. King-Devick Test identifies real-time concussion and asymptomatic concussion in youth athletes. Priya S. Dhawan, Danielle Leong, Lisa Tapsell, Amaal J.

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The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

Published online Feb 2. The lines in the box represent the medians, and boxes delineate the interquartile range 25th—75th percentiles. However, there was no overlap in the distribution of changes in scores from prefight to postfight, with a substantial gap between the worst change in the no head trauma group and the best change in the head trauma group.

Worsening of K-D scores in this setting might be helpful for determining if a meaningful head blow has taken place.

Concussion incidence and time lost from play in the NHL during the past ten years. Another important aspect of evaluating a potential screening test is the correlation of scores with an established battery of tests that measure the construct under study. The K-D test represents a strong candidate rapid sideline screening test for concussion, and has particular relevance to contact sports including football, soccer, hockey, MMA, and boxing.


AllenOD, F. Reliability study of the Pierce and King-Devick saccade tests.

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A late hit for pro football players. TennantEdD, C. Postfight testing was delayed by 30 to king-deivck minutes for 3 fighters due to nonhead injuries.

Brain Epub Aug 23 [ PubMed ]. Association between recurrent concussion and late-life cognitive impairment in retired professional football players. J Neurotrauma ; MACE testing in this group was performed king-dveick all fighters in the cohort. Branas report no disclosures. Among participants with head trauma, those with vs without LOC were compared similarly.

J Forensic Nurs ; 6: Hunt T, Asplund C.

Given the common endpoints of head trauma and LOC, and their uniform definitions for both the boxers and MMA fighters, data were analyzed based on the combined study cohort.

For purposes of determining king-ddevick reliability of precompetition K-D scores, all boxers were tested twice within a minute period before their sparring session by the same examiners.

Those with loss of consciousness showed the greatest worsening from prefight to postfight. Corrections were made for near vision as needed.

The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

Standardized instructions are used, and the test requires less than 2 minutes to administer. With the exception of one participant, all fighters and boxers were men.

Demonstration and test cards for the King-Devick K-D Test, a candidate rapid sideline screening for concussion knig-devick on measurement of speed of rapid number naming To perform the K-D test, participants are asked to read the numbers on each card from left to right as quickly as possible but without making any errors.


Since detecting early signs of concussion can improve outcomes, 8 — 20 king-sevick is a need for a rapid screening test to assess athletes who may have had a concussion.

Reliability for K-D measurements prefight vs postfight was also excellent among participants who did not have head trauma during their match ICC 0.

We determined if athletes with head trauma and loss of consciousness during matches differed in terms of their postfight K-D time scores or with regard to changes in scores from prefight to postfight.

This observation likely reflects learning effects for the K-D test. Brain Inj ; In other sports such as football, closed head injury and concussion could occur in the context of plays involving many individuals, and head trauma may not be as readily detected. Injury that is coming to a head. Symptoms of mild kimg-devick are typically quite subtle and may go unnoticed or overlooked by the athlete, team medical staff, or coaches. Acute effects kiing-devick recovery time following concussion in collegiate football players.

While the manifestations of postconcussion syndrome are best captured by extensive testing batteries such as ImPACT, 37 and may be influenced by intellectual ability or depression, tests of rapid number naming such as K-D represent an objective measure.