Miguel Llobet Solés: Variations on a Theme by Sor for guitar, Op – Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives (), the. Variaciones sobre un tema de sor op. 15 (). Filed Under: Llobet. Miguel Soles Tagged With: Variations · Fullscreen Variations on a Sor theme Op. Miguel Llobet Solés was a classical guitarist, born in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain ). Llobet was a Theme of Fernando Sor and 10 variation.

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Llobet Sor variations how difficult? We’re tested for it as part of the ‘Grade’ system Last edited by 19thcenturyguitarist on Tue Jun 07, 6: For example if one hasn’t seen or played the music in a long time. Robertjust an aside but what do you colonial fellows call it when someone performs a piece for the first time, reading from music and which they’ve never seen before? The Llobet Variations is one of the most challenging pieces for the CG, with lots of great technical challenges all rolled into one piece.

I don’t think there’s a usage difference between countries, but I have noticed that the term is frequently misused. Because he’s a teacher and having seen it used this way quite often on DC I was mildly curious that there must be some other way of designating ‘playing at first sight’.

Here is my post topic with a performance by Viloteau: That’s what we in the UK call ‘sight reading’ ie. I think i will stick to some easier stuff as i would rather play a lessor piece beautifully than take on a difficult on and look shoddy. It’s typical Giuliani – deceptively simple construction, a nod towards virtuosity, a brief flirtation with lyricism and rounding off with a characteristically exuberant finale.


The Sor, on the other hand, I can pretty much sight read cold. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. The Left hand solo variations for example, as well as a variation in complete hamonics. The finale is truly the best finale ever! I think that if you have to ask how hard a piece is, this one may be a bit of a reach for you.

Llobet Sor variations how difficult? – Classical Guitar

The sor mozart variations i can also vwriations read and learn easily but i was referring to playing at tempo cleanly with virtuosity. Is it more difficult than the Sor Mozart variations.

It is fun to play! If it feels like sight reading one may be inclined to use the term. As a matter of fact it isn’t based on a theme of Sor at all but on ‘Les Folies d’Espagne’, a very old progression that has been set in variation form by hundreds of wor and for all kinds of instrumentation.

Classical Guitar

I play the Llobet, and if I’m performing it I have to really be on top of practicing it. What it doesn’t have are the ‘showy’ variations in harmonics or for left hand alone. I noticed before that the term is used differently in the US but have never read the US equivalent of our use so: If you are drawn to the theme try searching for ‘folies d’espagne’ or ‘la folia’, you should find lots of examples for guitar.


At first sight it appears quite easy but, to present well, it demands a precise and neatly controlled technique as well as offering the possibility of a little virtuosic flourish if you can achieve a certain briskness of tempo. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp. DofpicRobertjust an aside but what do you colonial fellows call it when someone performs a piece for the first time, reading from music and which they’ve never seen before?

Classical Guitar Skip to content. Just I would have simply said ‘read’ rather than ‘sight-read’.

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Learned and played it all at tempo in a week. Board index All times are UTC. Sounds like a fund piece to learn and play But wanted input before I bought the score. As with losing one’s virginity, one can only sight-read a piece of music once.