Loma Systems by sending an email to [email protected] .. on the IQ3 metal detector and comply with the instructions and information contained herein. Search in Loma Systems catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you Pharmaceutical metal detectors . IQ3 QuickShip. The Loma IQ3+ is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which has a very The patented IQ3 and IQ3+ models build on this achievement and offer an product set-up ensures max. sensitivity with no need for manual adjustment.

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All Loma metal detectors are designed, and tested, jetal meet the requirements of the FCC and the new stringent European regulations for RF emissions, both in terms of not emitting excessively and not being subject to undesirable operation in the presence of other equipment whose emissions also meet the standards.

Loma Systems | User Manuals

Enabling The Pvs Feature Beneath it on the bottom of the cabinet is the cable gland access for the power cable.

Netal installation and commissioning, the Loma Engineer will set and provide you with passwords for accessing all user levels, manula you can then provide to staff as required. The User Interface Measure the product diagonally and enter that length to provide some tolerance and avoid the generation of false triggers and nuisance error messages; for example where the external packaging has curled up or packs are presented too close together.

Adding A New Product An air pressure failure switch is fitted if the conveyor is supplied with either a pusher reject or a retracting band reject.

Page The User Interface Tapping on the Reset button with the P v Q tab selected starts a process that captures a graphical signal “noise ball” for the system when no product is passing through the head. A patented detector feature that automatically manuual balance adjustments for each of the 70 available frequencies to provide optimum detector performance.


Select Product To Run The ,etal Interface A product eetector be chosen for inspection by selecting the row containing the product name and then selecting the Run option in the Product Options screen when it is displayed.

Select Product To Run The User Interface The currently set Threshold signal level is displayed in a number panel opposite the thick ‘red’ Threshold line on the product signal dial. Operating Instructions Setting User Access Levels and Passwords User accounts are used to manage access to the features and functionality available in the metal detector.

The purpose of the screen is to enable Engineers and Loma Service Engineers to copy and load product settings using a USB memory stick, use the detector setting for Product 1 for all products set up in the system and carry out advanced actions to debug the system. This feature relies on a Product Registration Photo-eye being fitted to your system to count the total number of products passed through the machine for inspection. The easy to use icon driven menus each with context sensitive help screens ensures compliance with internal quality standards for testing and validation.

Page The User Interface Tap in the option check box to enable or disable it. Tap on the Display icon to show the Display screen whcih provides access to other screen for setting up the system time and date, the display appearance, the system language and other general settings. The User Interface Keyboard When you tap into a field in which you can enter characters and numbers a keyboard will be displayed in a pop-up screen.


Installing A Metal Detector Head General Each machine is designed to suit a customer’s requirements. Please note that this specification lists the available options in some cases. Types Of Metal About Metal Detection Detector performance is also affected by the position of the contaminant in the aperture.


The User Interface The value entered is derived from the relationship between the shaft encoder and circumference of the roller to which it is fitted.

This feature is for advanced users only. Steel test Tap in the S.

Loma IQ3+ST Manuals

Air Regulator Unit Maintenance It displays the configuration and run current values and can be used to restore the drive for the frequency in use by the currently running product.

How A Metal Detector Works About Metal Detection Update Learn The Update Learn process again consists of following on-screen instructions to pass a number of product samples through the detector aperture.

detedtor Safety Relay And Circuits The User Interface The keyboard also pops-up for you to enter a new batch code after resetting the batch totals to zero in the Main Run screen. To set up the VF balance, proceed as follows The process of passing sample products through the metal detector so that it can automatically select the optimum detector settings based on the product effect.

This could result in false triggering and rejection of good products.

Following completion of the installation, commissioning of the machine should be carried out by a Loma engineer. Logs and Reports Screen Contents The screen displays a ,anual of errors under the following column headings: