Lubomyr Melnyk. 12K likes. ‘Where were you guys when I was thirty?’ Official Page for the pioneer of Continuous Piano Music Lubomyr Melnyk will release an album for the celebrated ambient label Fallen Trees is Melnyk’s third album for the label, which brought his. Lubomyr Melnyk: An agonising journey. Lubomyr Melnyk is the world’s fastest.

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Melnyk has composed over works, mostly for piano solo and double piano, and some for piano with ensemble.

Where the sound can live. Most of his music is for piano, but he has also composed chamber and orchestral works. When did you start composing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

These days people are just too busy with their noses stuck in an iPad to realise the level of human achievement that is all around them so throwing these pianos away is just murder. Fifteen Questions with Lubomyr Melnyk Musical, mystical and multidimensional.

I started composing as a child with my earliest influences being the music of Beethoven and Brahms.

To be a great pianist you have to be able to improvise because you have to be able to touch the piano. The problem is that you can emlnyk down at this piano and create something that is an experience of indescribable beauty because of the sound that that piano makes, but if you take those same notes and go to another piano, it can sound very humdrum. Lubomyr Melnyk born December 20, is a composer and pianist of Ukrainian origin.


But like these old swords, pianos of this era, are amongst the highest achievements of human beings. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia.

Through his work with Carolyn Carlson, he began to create continuous music for piano. Sometimes it grows into a very big piece over the period of a year or two because it keeps opening up like a road you have not travelled upon before. A piano should be revered as a glorious thing.

Living people births Canadian composers Canadian male composers Canadian pianists Canadian people of Ukrainian descent Canadian male pianists.

Lubomyr Melnyk – Wikipedia

That which influences me will influence my music. At one piano you will experience unbelievable, soul destroying beauty with all of the wonderful harmonics and resonances that happen within the instrument but then at another piano the experience can be dull depending on how that piano responds to those same notes. Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text.

This would involve a sound system where the piano would be broadcast around the audience using very fast moving speakers that would whirl around them at high speed, surrounding them completely like an ocean of sound. Recently I found that the pianos that have the most mystical and magnificent timbre are upright pianos.


Views Read Edit View history. Working with Carolyn Carson at the Paris Opera in the early s along with the extreme hunger and poverty I experienced at that time, brought about pivotal changes for me. I usually work on a specific musical concept. This is different from the written aspect, which contains the emotions of the time it was written. In Continuous Music improvisation is very necessary.

Lubomyr Melnyk

No one would dream of throwing away an original Samurai sword mainly because they are worth millions of dollars, unlike old pianos. I gave up long luboomyr trying to associate composition with the timbre of an instrument. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Then it may sit for several weeks and start to become a little piece or a miniature.

Pieces like these are not just musical they are also emotional.

The Art of Continuous Music and 22 Etudesto teach the fundamental levels of his continuous technique. His piano music requires a special technique, closely related to the Martial Arts, and is too complex and difficult for any concert pianists to play [ citation needed ]. They are so cloudy and enormous in their sound. Lublmyr, people think nothing of it.