FEATURED ARTICLES. What’s New in Modo v1. Explore what’s been added to the latest version of Modo, including Stitching, new Procedural tools, and UI. To support you as you hone your Modo skills, we’ve developed a series of learning resources. Access free video tutorials created by Foundry. Downloadable pdf user guides and online help for Modo 10 Series and earlier versions. Get all your answers now.

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First things first — save your work! You’ve probably clicked on them and were not quite sure how they work. You might find that at some point you just completely mess up your model, and because you’ve been saving incrementally, you never have to completely start over. Others are offered to you in two different programs, while others serve up their wares a la carte. In between luxolgoy jobs, Ablan writes books on the subject.

Next is Relative, where changes are added to all controls. Click once on the top of the model to select the large round polygon that makes up the top of the object.

Click and hold with the left mouse button, and you’ll see a variation of the tools. However, modo allows you to work interactively, which is what the red and blue handles are for. Simply type in a new value, such as mm, and press Return. This is not yuide arrow icon used to adjust the value, but rather, the icon to the left of the arrow. Skills are taught using projects that take the reader from simple modeling to complex tasks, taking advantage of various tools and options along the way.


To begin your learning, you’ll first take a quick peak at the animation tools, then go through a modoo project to get your move on. Hayao Miyazaki — The Interview.

Now before you go any further, take a look at the Cylinder tool properties that appear on the left of the interface refer to Figure 5. There’s one more area to show, and that’s the Options button. In between animation jobs, Ablan writes books on the subject.

Online Help & User Guides | Modo | Foundry

But let’s say you only want to preview about 40 frames in the center of your animation. Using Dynamics and Particles Learn about preparing and refining dynamic, particles, and simulations.

Learn to animate with Modo. The numbers on the right represent the last frame of your timeline. Press the Tab key. Or, for a better explanation, the model is now made up of smooth curves.

Hayao Miyazaki — The Interview. He is also the founder of 3D Garage. Beneath the timeline itself are the animation controls with common luzology icons, like Rewind, Play, Next Frame, Last Frame and so on see Figure 7. Learn to collaborate with Softimage.

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While it might not look like the icon representing the Work Plane looks like it’s on the Y axis, it is. What are they, you ask? Chris Landreth Talks ‘Subconscious Password’.


Using Modo with Cinema 4D Cinema 4D artists will find the lessons in this tutorial series make transitioning over to using Modo in your pipeline an easy shift. Watch tutorial series now. The bottom set of numbers in the left and right regions represent the preview. AGA Digital has produced 3D visuals for broadcast, corporate, and architectural clients sinceas well as post-production services in conjunction with Post Meridian, LLC.

On the left and right of the timeline, you’ll see double sets of numbers, which might appear confusing at first. Painting An overview on drawing in Modo and the tools available. Next you want to shift the polygon down into the mug itself. Go ahead and set the Sides value to 48 and Segments to At this point, save your scene.

Cinema 4D artists will find the lessons in this tutorial series make transitioning over to using Modo in your pipeline an easy shift. Skip to main content. You’ll find this to the left of the current value area.

‘The Official Luxology modo 301 Guide’: Getting Started with modo 301/302

Figure 1 shows the final 3D render you’ll create in the upcoming pages. If you look at the Bevel tool properties, the Inset value is now back to 0 mm. Pick a location and save your work as Mug.