I found many carefully worded explanations as to why a method or product should be the . He calls the combination of the two exercises the “Maliniak Method”. The Maliniak Method: Read this Book and find out How to: Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair Naturally. No Drugs. No Lotions. No Surgery. A Book From Born. Those of you who have been following the MALINIAK METHOD on the world’s biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB or who have reading these blogs know.

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I do not avoid any of them because I have complete confidence in the comprehensive nature of my theory and it gives me the opportunity to defend it, expand it and add further elaborations. Do you already have an account?

Maliniak Method Office video

The link to his site metyod on my Reviews Page. What if the skull expansion metuod in fact helps to tie in some loose ends here? The focus here are the 2 patches that start the back balding process. I’m extremely skeptical about both theories but why on earth aren’t these simple and fundamental questions addressed in our understanding of male pattern baldness I’m copying them from a Skull Expansion web site?

As a lawyer, I am used to this type of anticipated confrontation, I have faced it in other areas where I appear at televised symposiums and comment on blog sites dealing with the issue of potentially valuable alternative medical sciences.

I understand that not all of us are ready to look at our health seriously. Menu Forums Forums Quick Links.

Maliniak Method

Looking after ourselves can actually be fun, in particular when we start feeling good about ourselves and our improved looks. Massage the area to be treated in small circular movements to ensure even coverage. Idk if he has studies to back it up, but sometimes just because a scientific study hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it’s not true.

So, if this correctly represents your question, my first response is that your statement that these transplants do NOT do well “regardless” of whether or not there is edema, poor blood etc. Your name or email address: Im gonna buy it and see what it says. For me this helps to confirm the theory because the higher areas would grow first, directly putting pressure on the galea, then soon after the lower area would follow, eventually tightening the whole galea, eventually thinning the entire region into the round bald spot.


He admits there are many questions that remain about the actual process.

The first step is to relax the galea. You would have to live your life upside down for that to “maybe” work. Tell me what to do and I will do it. Read about it at http: Thanks for being a huge blessing filled with many God-given attributes of faith, hope, hard work, diligence, perseverance, and benevolence! Of course, all of these methods have pretty much been discussed before, and he acknowledges that in his book, but he says that first relaxing the galea THEN stimulating the follicles with the violet ray machine, is much more efficient than trying any of the techniques on their own.

Again, go to http: Unfortunately there is no malihiak cure for male and female pattern baldness and that includes my suggested method. Feel the back of the head where this pattern emerges. And lastly how can we seriously pretend the exact similarity of the galea and of the thinning hair area is sheer biological coincidence? Do not waste any more time and money with the OLD failed technology.

Some of the merhod from the very young men are especially dramatic and fast.

The Maliniak method loosens and relaxes the galea while stimulating follicles back into growth, while the skull expansion methods help to stop the exaggeration of the skull bones and encourages new hair growth through a combination of the massages and the compression exercises.

Follicles start to shrink with the onset of hair loss and maintain a kind of dormant state for many years before they die. COM and then write us here on this blog post if you want to know more.

Also, he admits that so far he is the only proven test case, but is actively trying to get others to show the same results. No there’s no evidence. Other similar looking devices are useless so do not waste your money Go to our order page at http: I have been performing detumescence therapy 45 mins a daydermarolling once every 10 daysbristle boar brushing once every 10 daysand inversion back therapy machine 7 mins a day for 8 months now.


For our follicles to function properly they need an adequate blood supply. While I strongly believe that you will derive great benefit from the information, it cannot be considered as medical advice, a diagnosis or a medical treatment.

Yes, my password is: Gravity doesn’t explain why there’s hairloss at the back of the head and not on the sides. It is important that the glass tubes touch the skin as much as possible and that the top of the handle is firmly in contact with the skin of the hand.

This subject is controversial, as I say on the website but I have concluded it IS involved. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and wish you much success in your endeavors! On the other hand male or female pattern baldness is not a medical condition and is the subject of the subsequent discussion. I don’t like publishing private emails on the web, but i’ll summarize his answer. This does not mean it must be ignored. Once they do ill purchase it right away.

In fact it should be part of any hair loss treatment to maximize results.

Maliniak Method Blog

However, none of us have perfect bodies. I won’t write a million emails to you now as I guess the logical step would be to buy your ebook if i wanted to know more about your position on male pattern baldness. To get the heart pumping at maximum rate once daily will add additional blood flow to the scalp. Each person responds differently. I or others have benefited from these sources and I will be receptive to further additions. Now according to SE theory, that thinning started because the underlying bone began to remodel and subsequently grow a little larger based on the skull shape in that region.

I am just finishing the testing of it and it will be FREE…so stay tuned.